With the outbreak of the Spider-Island virus giving ordinary New Yorkers spider-powers, the Society of the Wasp came out of hiding to declare war on the supposed spiders, their sworn enemies.

The Hunter Wasps, led by the the All-Mother, came after Spider-Girl, who had regained her powers thanks to the Spider-Island virus. The Hand and Hobgoblin came to Spider-Girls aid under the orders of the Kingpin, who needed her help in defeating the Hunter Wasps for his own reasons.[1] She later teamed up with them when Madam Web came to her with a prophecy that she had to work with an enemy in order to save Manhattan, believing that the Kingpin was this enemy.

Alongside Hobgoblin, Spider-Girl confronted the All-Mother, with Kingpin joining in soon after. In the midst of the fight, All-Mother told Spider-Girl that they were planning to kill those with spider-powers with a venom they were developing, which would be administered by cutting the victim. The three retreated shortly after when they became overwhelmed by the Hunter Wasps.[2]

The Spider-Island virus further mutated infected New Yorkers into spider monsters, leading to a confrontation in the streets between Spider-Girl, the Hand, Hobgoblin, and the Kingpin and All-Mother and the Hunter Wasps. During the fight, Spider-Girl realized that All-Mother was the one she was supposed to team-up with so that they could stall the swarm of spider monsters, giving the other heroes the chance to cure them. All-Mother reluctantly teamed-up with her.

In the end, their combined efforts stopped the spider monsters from advancing on the heroes fighting on Union Square. Regardless, Hobgoblin considered All-Mother an enemy and killed her, angering Spider-Girl.[3]


All-Mother can fire a beam from her stinger.

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