Dazzler is a mutant who was traveling by sea to Magneto's island, Genosha. Genosha was supposedly a peaceful land where mutants could be free to do whatever they wanted away from the persecution of humans.

Dazzler and the other mutants were stopped by Spiral and the Reavers during their journey, as Mojo wanted to kidnap the refugees. Nightcrawler, an X-Man who had secured passage, saved them and they continued to Genosha. [1]

Later, Dazzler performed a hit song she had made for the mutants in Genosha. Dazzler reached Genosha safely but it is unclear whether she was happy or not.[2]


Seemingly those of Alison Blaire (Earth-616)#Powers.


Dazzler is gifted singer, dancer, and stage performer

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