Appearing in "Xenos"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Captain Jugger Grimrod
  • General Gokk
  • Corporal Woon Balveebes

Supporting Characters:

  • Nomad Squad
    • Lieutenant Torie Montroc
  • Legionary Admiral
  • Unnamed Legionary


  • Xenon Lifeform Native to Tawnvoriallus System

Other Characters:

  • Legionary Tkoky


  • Earth-98140
  • Union Space
    • Unamed Planetary System
    • Edge of Harkilon Frantier
  • Auron Galaxy
    • World of Tollothani
      • Tollothaani 3rd Moon
        • Legion Outpost


  • Floater Probe


  • Legionary Cruiser
  • Cargo Craft
  • Civilian Cargo Hauler
  • Harkilon Harrier Class Gunship

Solicit SynopsisEdit

The ruthless Jugger Grimrod — given his own command to lead? Is he ready for such responsibility? And just as important, does he even want it?

  • Grimrod incorrectly calls the world from last issue Regullan IX instead of Regullan XI.

  • No trivia.

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