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Appearing in "Blind Trust"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Badj
  • Meico
  • Scathe Mescad
  • Torie Montroc III
  • Sarigar

Supporting Characters:

  • Stargrind Company
    • Nomad Squadron
      • The Bospor
      • Torqa Dun
      • Durge
      • Jugger Grimrod
      • Vesper
      • Zeerod


  • Harkilons
    • Chibjal (First appearance)
    • Prinn (Mentioned)
    • Harkilon Imperium (Mentioned)
  • Pirates
    • Crobb (First appearance) (Death)
    • Flem (First appearance)
    • Vulgad (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Rathosaurs
  • Tophan Galactic Union (Mentioned)


  • Earth-98140
  • Auron Galaxy
    • Kol (Mentioned)
    • Cho-Ad (Mentioned)
    • Wedifact IV


  • Data orb
  • Gas dart guns
  • HEL guns
  • Legion fatigues


  • Nomad Shuttle
  • Pirate shuttle

Solicit Synopsis:Edit

A Legionnaire is missing! And his absence leads Sarigar and Montroc into an irreconcilable contest of wills! Meanwhile, the pirates we met last issue may not have been defeated... and there's something important that they must retrieve!

Appearing in "Bitter Memory"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Sarigar

Supporting Characters:

  • Sarivil (Only in flashback)
  • Scathe Mescad


  • Cordar (Only in flashback)

Other Characters:

  • Quinter of Niloc (Mentioned)
  • Torie Montroc III (Mentioned)


  • Earth-98140
  • Auron Galaxy
    • Jentak (Only in flashback)
    • Omigron D (Mentioned)
    • Wedifact IV


  • Cordar's HEL gun (Only in flashback)
  • Gas dart gun
  • Legion fatigues
  • Stun-prod (Only in flashback)


  • Various shuttles (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for "Bitter Memory"Edit

Distracted, Sarigar's thoughts return to his homeworld of Jentak. All seems well until his sister Sarivil steals his I.D. and uses his funds to buy passage for herself and her lover to Omigron D. Sarigar catches up with them at the port and comes to blows with Cordar, but port security intervenes, giving Sarivil and Cordar time to escape.

Appearing in "Legion Lexicon"Edit

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "Legion Lexicon"Edit

A glossary of terms

  • Goodwin is editor, Sutton is associate editor, Shooter is consulting editor.
  • "Bitter Memory" is flashback story set within "Blind Trust" as Sarigar's thoughts wander to his own past.

  • No trivia.

See AlsoEdit

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