Alice and Gene Hayes, along with five other couples, formed the secret group called the Pride. The group was brought together by the Gibborim to bring about the new world order. The Gibborim offer to the Pride was that that six of the twelve members would be saved after the world ended. The plan changed after a few years, as the couples started having children. They decided to have one each and let them have their place in the planned future Utopia.

Alice and Gene Hayes ("the Outcasts") were Molly Hayes's parents. The two were telepathic mutants who posed as a doctor and a speech therapist. The Hayes had no idea Molly was a mutant herself.

At an annual gathering of the Pride, their children accidentally witnessed their parents performing the ritual sacrifice of a teenage girl. Scared of those they loved, the children banded together and became Runaways. The shocked teenagers vowed to turn the tables on their evil parents. Out of all the Runaways, Molly was the only one who truly missed her family.

When the Gibborim had called the Hayes for the first meeting, Gene and Alice had been getting harassed by the neighbors, who had thrown rocks at them for being mutants. Just before a furious Gene was about to protect a whimpering Alice, the two had been called forth by the Gibborim. This led to the Hayes' strong hatred towards humans, a reason they were willing to conspire with the Deans to kill the human members of the Pride and ensure the six tickets in paradise for themselves, Molly, and the three Deans. The two could telepathically remove all memory and sedate people, but this has backfired on one occasion: when they had wiped Cloak's memory of ever encountering the runaways, Cloak and Dagger traveled back to New York, where after receiving a blow to the head, Cloak remembered.



  • Their identical power signatures and an off hand comment about being "pureblood" has led to speculation that the union between Alice and her husband was incestuous.

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