Algernon lived in a sewer tunnel near the base of Saturnyne and her team of Avant Guard when they were introducing an evolutionary enhancing fluid to the city's water supply in order to get this society out of it's stagnation. While still a rat, Algernon began drinking this fluid which quickly evolved him into a humanoid rat.

It was also this liquid that evolved The Junkheap That Walked Like A Man and which prompted Captain Britain to investigate the source of the mysterious liquid.

Soon Captain Britain and Jackdaw discovered Saturnyne and the Avant Guard's base and a skirmish ensued in which Algernon was struck by a mysterious beam from and devolved back into a common sewer rat.

Algernon (Earth-238) of X-Men Archives Vol 1 1 0005

Algernon's fate after then is unknown as the entire reality of Earth-238 was obliterated later by Lord Mandragon to prevent the spread of the insanity inspired by Mad Jim Jaspers. [1]

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