Alfie was a young boy from the Bronx who became the sidekick to private detective Mr. Wu in the late 1940s. How Alfie came to be Wu's partner unknown.

In 1946, Alfie and Mr. Wu came across the murder of wealthy stamp collector Jackson Cartwright. Alfie assisted Mr. Wu in investigating the murder, often letting his fists fly before thinking the situation out. The pair managed to capture the killer, Cartwright's lawyer Evans, who had forged Cartwright's will so that he would obtain a large sum of money[1].

Later, while attending an opera with Mr. Wu, they stumbled upon the murder of Gino Marino, the opera's tenor. Investigating the murder scene, Dr. Wu and Alfie discovered that the killer was his nephew Peter Barton, who had been forging checks in Gino's name and sought to cover it up by murdering Gino and burning all the evidence[2].


Alfie has a slingshot.

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