Quote1 Alfheim. Realm of the Elves. Ice Elves and Spice Elves. Air Elves in their wondrous flying machines. Sea Elves in their coral castles along the Hummingbird Bay. Triple-jointed Pleasure Elves. Elves of the Vale with their herds of wild 'corns. Moon Elves all aglow with Firefly Wine. Together they form the Light Elves. A Kingdom of enchanted forests and natural champagne springs and more gardens than there are stars. A kingdom of Faeries and candy farmers, of Mermaids lagoons and orchards the size of oceans. A place of peace otherworldly wonder. An Elvish Paradise. Quote2
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Alfheim is one of the Ten Realms and exists on the highest level of the World Tree[3] along with Asgard and Vanaheim.[4] Its inhabitants are the Light Elves.


Alfheim is as a kingdom of enchanted forests, candy vegetation, rivers and springs of wine, and beautiful gardens.[1] The capital city of the realm is the castle stronghold of Ljosalfgard.[5]

Several tribes of Light Elves, Faeries, Pixies, and Mermaids inhabit various regions and climates of Alfheim along with magical fauna such as Unicorns and winged cat steeds.[6][1][7]

Politics and Leadership

Alfheim is a monarchy ruled by Queen Aelsa Featherwine of the Fay.[8][9] The realm was formerly ruled by Lord Frey and his lady wife, Gerd.[citation needed]

Alfheim is represented in the Congress of Worlds by two Light Elf senators one being Milkmane.[10] Ayelah represented her world on the council for a time.[11]


Early Years

A young Loki traveled to Alfheim during his mystical training.[12] Thor was also sent there during his training.[13]

Modern Days

Lady Sif confronted Red Norvell in Alfheim when he gained the power of Thor. He used his powers to attack the peaceful Light Elves.[14]

Loki tricked Northstar of Alpha Flight into believing he had a Light Elf mother.[15] This prompted him to journey to Alfheim to learn the truth. However the truth was revealed and he return home to rejoin his team.[7]

Hrinmeer the Flame was half-Light Elf and half-Asgardian Fire Demon. Despising the Light Elves, he attacked the realm.[16]


During Ragnarok, Thor found a thinner Volstagg in Alfheim after the hordes of Loki attacked there, killing Fandral and Hogun.[17]

The World Eaters

At least one Ice Elf city in Alfheim was destroyed and its inhabitants killed by the Ano-Athox's rampage over the Nine Realms.[6]

War of Burning/Everything Burns

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The Light Elves battle the Fire Demon hordes of Surtur who wished to destroy their realm.[18] They were able to protect their world.[19]

League of Realms

The League of Realms tracked Malekith the Accursed and his Dark Elves to Alfheim, and manage to stop them, but once again Malekith slipped away. Thor worried about his League falling apart in front of him, but figured out a way for them to bond together, even if for just a little while. They head to the nearest tavern, where Thor and Ogg engage in a drinking contest, while the others wager on the winner. Later, outside, Thor has other plans for winning Waziria's trust, and kisses her passionately.[1]

The War of Realms

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The Dark Council first act of war was the massacre of the Light Elves on Alfheim, an event Malekith surely expected would bring the attention of Thor.[10]

Alternate Realities

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Earth-8096)

Alfheim from Avengers- Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Animated Series) Season 1 20 002


When Baron Zemo used the Norn Stones; Hawkeye was transported to Alfheim.[20] When he awoke he found the Light Elves fighting a desperate battle against Loki's forces, composed mainly of monstrous wolves. Hawkeye teamed up with Faradei to beat back the forces.[21]

2010's Marvel Animated Universe (Earth-12041)

Jolnir (Earth-12041) from Marvel Super Hero Adventures Frost Fight 001

Jolnir as "Santa Claus"

On Earth-12041, Alfheim is home to Jolnir who on Midgard is known as "Santa Claus".[22]

King Thor: The End of Time (Earth-14412)

Alfheim was destroyed by Loki.[8]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Alfheim from Thor- The Dark World 001


When Thor was exiled to Midgard, he asked "You! What realm is this? Alfheim, Nornheim?"[23] Alfheim later appeared during the convergence of realms that occurred every 5000 years.[24]

Spider-Man Unlimited (Earth-TRN461)

Thor visited Alfheim during a four day weekend.[25]

Points of Interest

Ljosalfgard from Mighty Thor Vol 2 2 001

Ljosalfgard, the capital city of Alfheim

Map of Alfheim from Mighty Thor Vol 2 3

Map of Alheim


Ice Elves from Thor Vol 1 615 001

Ice Elves

Alfheim from Aspha Flight Vol 1 81 001


Riding cat from Aspha Flight Vol 1 81

The winged riding cats

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