Alexi Jaeger was a Bio-Shop mercenary, genetically augmented to manipulate light. Beautiful on the outside but twisted on the inside, Alexi has a relationship with the DeGen Rosalinda Vasquez before she realized what slime he was. Rosa and her friends in the Freakshow escaped the Bio-Shops with Mama Hurricane after Rosa became pregnant by Alexi. In his role as Glitterspike, Alexi tracked the Freakshow down at a Keewazi reservation and kidnapped Rosa. Rosa's new boyfriend, Metalhead, went out with Mama to rescue her, but everyone was surprised to run into the old Keewazi legend, the Shadow Dancer. Glitterspike confronted the Dancer in an underground cavern, mistakenly exhausting his photovoltaic powers in the dark. Metalhead and the Freakshow left Alexi to the Dancer's mercies.[2]

Glitterspike lost an arm fighting the Shadow Dancer, but eventually escaped and tried to take Rosa again just as she went into labor. Miraculously, the unborn baby itself struck out from the womb to prevent Alexi from harming his mother.[3]


Photokinesis: Absorb and process ambient light as blinding flashes, concussive energy and high-density energy constructions.


The light he absorbs is limited. Powers fueled by the sun, if cut off; he is powerless.


Anti-gravity harness

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