Quote1 She's had a lot of names throughout the years. In my lifetime, Alexandra. And she's led them since the beginning. Quote2
-- Stick src


The woman later known as Alexandra was born centuries, maybe millenniums ago. During her "first life", she had a daughter, who passed away at a young age.[2] Lost and looking for answers about life and death itself, she eventually found her way to K'un-Lun. Alongside four others, she was banished because of their search for immortality. Together, they became the five fingers of The Hand.[1]

Alexandra was the chief officer of The Hand, handling business deals and manipulating governments.[3]

During the early 21st century, Alexandra had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and without more "Substance", she was finally facing death.[4] In a final attempt to save herself, she used the last remaining stores of the "Substance" to resurrect the Black Sky and gathered the fingers of The Hand.[5] Together they worked to undercover a dragon skeleton under Manhattan. Facing dissension among The Hand and opposition from the Defenders and Stick, Alexandra was unceremoniously murdered by Elektra and decapitated post-mortem to prevent resurrection.[6]



  • Expert Martial Artist: Alexandra appears to have extensive martial arts training.[5]
  • Multilingualism: Alexandra speaks fluent English and Japanese. It is likely that she speaks other languages.[5]

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