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Alexander of Macedonia, later known as Alexander the Great, was a the king of the kingdom of Macedonia in ancient Greece from 356 to 323 B.C.[2] Presumably, his history on Earth-616 is similar to that of his real world counterpart. As such, the scope of this article will only cover events that are unique to Earth-616.

Ruler of Macedonia

At some point in his career, Alexander the Great and his armies passed through a strange blue mist that carried them back in time some 10,000 years before his birth to the Hyborian Age. In this time, Alexander and his armies built the city of Attalus, forming the Grecian Dynasty. He and his armies then began marching eastward when the strange mist lifted sending Alexander and his party back to their own time.[1]

In the year 330 BC, as Alexander the Great and his armies fought alongside the Nile River to liberate the region from Prusian rule. This battle was witnessed by the eternal mutant known as Apocalypse, who chastised his people for siding with one conqueror to defeat another, considering it a weakness.[3] Following his victory and conquest of Egypt, Alexander sought to establish himself as a God among the people. Learning of that Apocalypse was worshiped as a god as well, brought an army to the domain of the undying mutant. When Apocalypse heard Alexander's claims of godhood, he merely laughed at the mortal. Such a sinister laugh this was that Alexander the Great and his armies fled.[4]

Historically speaking, there are two accounts of Alexander's death in the year. One states he died of a fever, another states that it was due to a blow to the head. Whatever the truth may be is lost to antiquity.[5]


Due to his brief travel to the Hyborian era, the women and soldiers who stayed behind in Attalus were stranded when Alexander and the others were brought back to their own era. These people continued the Grecian Empire in this era. As legends of their founder became antiquated, Alexander was eventually known as Iskander. Years later, the kingdom of Attalus came under the rule of Harakht. This kingdom was visited by Conan the Barbarian during Harakht's rule.[6]


Horseman, swordsman, scholar and tactic



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