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Born in 356 BC, the heir to the King of Macedon, Alexander studied under the philosopher Aristotle. He became a scholar and a king himself, establishing a great empire from Greece to Italy.[citation needed]

Alexander and hundreds of his soldiers and courtesans were captured by a time anomaly and sent to 1870's Dodge City. As soon as he arrived, he lost some valued scrolls with Aristotle's dialogues.[citation needed]

Nevertheless, he decided to build a camp and capture land and resources. He had some twenty-six tents and so many troops and courtesans that nobody could stealth in. However, he soon found problems in the form of two other armies competing with his own: Napoleon Bonaparte and Genghis Khan's troops, all of them time-travelers. Alexander was blissfully unaware of a fourth army, made of Krozzar aliens, and of time-travelling super-villain Doctor Doom.[citation needed]

However, Alexander controlled the access route to a mountain the Krozzar needed for a tactical demolition scheme. Krozzar General Alzzan was making preparations to use his troops and some slave recruits to fight the Hellenics.[citation needed]

Unknowing the danger, Alexander favored some pleasure by listening to scholars and poets. He met a Mark Twain, who impressed him with a work in process, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, gaining access to Alexander's camp. Alexander, meanwhile, intended to poison the water supply of Napoleon.[citation needed]

Alexander also met with some other time-travelers, super-heroes from the 20th century who wanted to warn him of the Krozzar and propose an alliance with the other generals. Mark Twain tried to liven up the evening, but the super-heroes noticed some anachronisms in him. Twain tried to leave, but Alexander ordered his arrest. Twain was revealed to be an android sent by Doctor Doom to spy on anyone with power. He attacked, but was defeated by the heroes.[citation needed]

Impressed by the heroes, Alexander accepted the proposed alliance. The three armies together and ready, led by the best military minds in history, were more than a match for Alzzan's alien forces: The Krozzar never managed to capture the needed route, not even after fifteen hours of non-stop batt[citation needed]le. However, during this time, the super-heroes sneaked into the Krozzar base and defused their only bomb.

Eventually, the heroes managed to solve the time-crisis. Alexander and all of his men returned home.[citation needed]


Horseman, swordsman, scholar and tactic



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