Smart Alec was a member of the Flight, gifted with super-genius intellect. He was able to neutralize Saint Elmo’s light powers using a mirror during a training session, but in actual combat, all he could do was discern how his teammates were trying to fight the berserk Weapon X before they were killed. Attempting to defeat him alone when they next fought, Alec was able to predict Weapon X’s moves long enough for him to get close and tear out the I.V. tubes feeding him adrenaline, figuring that would allow the dispensed tranquilizers to take over. However, by this time Desjardins’ maddened rage was enough to keep his adrenaline levels up, and he killed Alec too. [1]


Seemingly those of Alec Thorne (Earth-616)#Powers.


Smart Alec had not yet designed his “encephalo-helmet” or any other hi-tech devices, relying on his own quick wits and whatever items were on hand to counter his opponents.

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