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Alex Summers, also known as Havok, was Cyclops' long-lost brother. As a member of X-Factor, Alex was romantically involved with Iceman's ex-girlfriend, Lorna Dane.

X-Factor fought the X-Men in a "friendly skirmish" as Forge phrased it. To their mutual suprise, Havok and Cyclops found that neither's powers affected the other.

Alex was seen in Bishop's future fighting side by side with Cyclops against the Sentinels.


See Alexander Summers (Earth-616)#Powers

Strength level

assumed to be the same as Alexander Summers (Earth-616)#Strength


assumed to be the same as Alexander Summers (Earth-616)#Weaknesses

  • Havok guest starred in the X-Men: The Animated Series episode "Cold Comfort".
  • Developed for television by Larry Houston and Frank Squillace.
  • Havok's voice actor remains uncredited. Some fans have speculated that Norm Spencer, the voice actor for Cyclops, also played Havok.
  • Unlike many versions, neither Havok nor Cyclops know that they are the other's long lost brother.

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