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Under unknown and classified circumstances, the man who became the Rhino stole an experimental suit of armor from the U.S. military. Using the suit's incredible strength, the Rhino robbed a Manhattan bank, charging the vault head-first and destroying it. He then rampaged through a busy street attempting to make his escape, destroying anything in his path, including police cars, with ease. While Spider-Man raced to the scene, Iron Man arrived, stopped the Rhino's assault and captured him. The Rhino was taken into military custody.[1]

Peter Parker & Alexander O'Hirn (Earth-1610)

Sometime later, the Rhino rampaged through the Brooklyn Naval Yard, battling the police and Spider-Man, who seemed to be more of an annoyance than a threat, constantly evading the Rhino's clumsy blows. After knocking Spider-Man clear across the street into an office building, the Rhino was confronted by the U.S. army, who were hoping to retrieve his experimental armor. Spider-Man used the distraction to sneak up on the Rhino and rip his armor open, sabotaging its internal circuitry and knocking him out. The Rhino was taken into military custody.[2]

Divided We Fall

Months later, by the time of the Nimrod Crisis, he battled Captain America and the army, before being defeated by the new Spider-Man, who used his Venom Blast to create a short cut in his suit.[3]

The Final Incursion

If he was alive at the time, the Rhino most likely died when the entire universe came to an end as a consequence of a phenomenon known as an incursion.[4]

Strength level

The Rhino had 5th level superhuman strength range between 25-75 ton range


  • R.H.I.N.O. Armor: The Rhino's experimental suit of armor gave him superhuman strength and durability, allowing him to crush a bank vault and motor vehicles with little effort, but made him extremely slow and limits his range of motion.

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