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Alberich was a poor gnome[1] (or a Dwarf)[2] from the Nibelung Clan.[1]

He came across the Rhinegold, a gold rock created from the Mjolnir of a Thor that existed before an early Ragnarök.[1]

Warned by the Rhinemaiden Flosshilda that the one who would forge a ring of the Rhinegold would be rewarded by world-conquest, but that to forge such ring would require to renounce love, Alberich grasped it, claiming that he had never known love.[1]

Alberich has been stated to be either a Gnome[1] or a Dwarf.[2] It is unknown if he was a Dwarf of Nidavellir, or if "Dwarf" is simply a synonym for "gnome".

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