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Al Larson was the sheriff of an unnamed town somewhere on the frontier. He knew and was friends with everyone in town, and protected it from the porch of his jail, venturing out when he had to.[1]

Al had a sister named Jane, who married a bad man, Durango. Durango was a thug and a crook, but Jane made Al swear that he wouldn't ever hurt Durango. Jane was dying when she made Al swear this, and so he abided by it, even when Durango terrorized the his hometown. Durango eventually shot Al's picture of Jane, which angered him enough that he punched Durango and shot the guns out of his hand, driving him out of his town.[1]

Later, the Al's niece Mary, of whom he was very fond, was kidnapped. Al thoroughly thrashed two outlaws holding him at gunpoint trying to find where she was. He eventually was able to locate and rescue her.[1]




The Sheriff is good with his guns and his fists and is the final arbiter of law and order, willing to kill if he has to.


The Sheriff rides a horse named Boy



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