Appearing in "Hermetic of Lewis Carnelian"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Archer
  • Barnier
  • Cervic
  • Lewis Carnelian
  • Major Grubert
  • Malvina
  • Sper Gossi

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Airtight Garage
  • Intermediate Zone
  • Megalithic City


  • Airplane of Destiny


Synopsis for "Hermetic of Lewis Carnelian"Edit

The Archer destroys the Airplane of Destiny. This creates a funnel through which they can pierce atmosphere of the Airtight Garage. Malvina and her aid Cervic attempt to stop the Archer's ship.

Major Grubert and Lewis Carnelian, having temporarily settled their rivalry travel to the Megalithic City in an effort to stop the anti-matter rain that is destroying the Airtight Garage. But the Bakalite master of the Intermediate Zone captures them within large pink cocoons. The Bakalite master is actually working for Sper Gossi. Sper Gossi is behind the sabotage that transpired with Barnier's cablebox. The accident allowed Gossi the ability to assume control.

Lewis Carnelian's secret masters the Nagual intervene however and stop Gossi and reverse the effects that have propelled the Airtight Garage into danger. Everything appears to be back to normal. Major Grubert goes along his own path into the Void.

  • Airtight Garage is a four-issue limited series, published under Marvel's Epic imprint.
  • Airtight Garage is reprinted from a series of comic strips originally published in Metal Hurlant.

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