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Quote1 Okay, one question first. This fight we're about to have -- is it because you're still hung up on Sandi, because you hate my guts, or because you're a major dillweed ripe for plucking? Quote2
-- Agent X

Appearing in "If At First You Don't Succeed... Die, Die Again!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Beverly Lacoco (the client)
  • Chupacabra head
  • Hooded Eye (Kenny Liebman) (Behind the scenes)
  • Kitty (the kitty)




Synopsis for "If At First You Don't Succeed... Die, Die Again!"Edit

Sandi Brandenberg accepts a contract to kill Frank Bigelow, the retired super-hero known as Fight Man. Unable to finish the job, she enlists the aid of Agent X. Agent X finds the job extremely difficult as well, as Fight Man proves that he is well-nigh invulnerable.

  • Agent X refers to Taskmaster by his alias Tony Masters in this issue.

  • A Chupacapra is a legendary creature of mysterious folklore that has made sporadic appearances throughout science fiction and comic book oriented media. It is often referred to as a "Goatsucker".
  • Fight Man has lost more than fourteen teen-sidekicks in the line of duty throughout his career.
  • Some of Fight Man's adversaries identified in this issue are: Mister Troublesome, the Polka Doctor, Radio Head, Atomic Lov, Plaid Bug and Metal Head.

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