Poll was conducted from 01/27/11 till 03/12/11
919 people voted!!!


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The following are the results of a poll taken regarding after finding out which Fantastic Four member died, what was your reaction. Out of the choices given, a great amount voted. 919 people -- with a wide split in how the votes turned out! An astounding 465 voters were not surprised by the character who died and feel they will be back. 176 voters thought the opposite and either did not care for the Fantastic Four or didn't care about who died. Meanwhile, 173 seemed to be VERY upset by the individual's death. Then 75 voters felt that the character should have died years ago. Lastly, 30 voters were surprised at who it was who died, but thought the team was better off.

With Marvel's announcement for more deaths of major characters over many upcoming issues of various comics, one can only believe that they will eventually return some, if not all, of the characters that die out. This has been proven several times by Marvel. This was also interpreted by these poll results as over half of you thought that the character would eventually return. So here's looking forward to the return of... you thought I would say their name. Didn't you?