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Aeneas was the son of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty, and of Anchises, King of Dardanus.[1]

Dardanus was an ally of Priam and Troy, and consequently enemies of Agamemnon, as Paris, son of Priam, had taken Helen, promised of Agamemnon's brother Menelaus, leading to the Siege-War of Troy.[1]

Facing a giant boar, he was saved by Thor.[1]

With Thor, he later assisted to the single combat between Menelaus and Paris, and rejoiced to see Paris defeated, meaning the war's end. As Paris was about to be slain, Aphrodite came invisible to save him, seen only from Thor and Aeneas.[1]

The was soon reignited by Athena who manipulated Pandarus of Lycia to strike an arrow at Menelaus. Aeneas took Pandarus with him on a chariot for him to attack Menelaus at close range, but he was slain by Diomedes (manipulated by Athena as well).

As Aeneas went to help the fallen Pandarus, Diomedes struck him with a massive rock and attempted to slay Aeaneas, who was timely protected by Aphrodite, then by Thor.[1]

Thor evacuated Aeneas within the walls of Troy, where he asked the Norse God to heal him for him to return to battle.[1]

Troy was eventually destroyed, thanks to an advise of Loki to Odysseus about a trick involving a wooden horse presented as an offering but filled with armed men.[1]

Aeneas somehow survived, but was involved in his own saga and in the founding of Rome.[1] Through the assistance of the Eternal Forgotten One, Aeneas united the Etruscan tribes that would one day lead to the Roman Empire.[2]


Aeneas was able to see the Gods (or at least his mother) when they came to Earth in disguise of invisibility.[1]


An armor and helmet.[1]




Spears and a sword.[1]

  • The last panel of the story including a statement that the following year's annual would be about the founding of Rome by Aeneas. The essay "A Few Ounces of Troy" by Roy Thomas also indicated that the following year's annual would feature the second meeting of Aeneas and Thor. Yet Thor Annual #9 was a completely different story written by Chris Claremont instead.

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