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Aelfyre Whitemane was a Kymellian xenologist with a love of Earth culture and books. When he discovered the ruthless Snarks were interested in the work of James Power of Earth, he raced to intercede before the Kymellians' ancestral enemies got ahold of Power's technology. Whitemane encountered Power's children and protected them from the Snarks, but were mortally wounded himself in the process. Before dying, he passed his powers to the children who became the superhero team Power Pack.[1]


  • Gravity: Cast anti-gravity fields over a distance to levitate matter
  • Density: Generate molecular density field by compressing matter from the atmosphere into a nigh-impenetrable barrier
  • Energy: Explosive plasma bolts fired from his hands.
  • Acceleration: Teleportation of himself and others in a rainbow of light.

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