Quote1 There's a life-sized statue of you somewhere, Landon. Oh, it's probably turned green by now, and nobody can read the name-plate... but never let it be said we forget our heroes. Quote2
-- George Taylor

Appearing in "Planet of the Apes"Edit

This story is a reprint of the comic
Planet of the Apes #1.

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  • Icarus (space vessel)

Synopsis for "Planet of the Apes"Edit

--For a full synopsis of this comic, please see the original publishing of this comic in Planet of the Apes #1.--

  • Official movie adaptation, part I of VI.
  • The character of George Taylor is referred to only as "Taylor" or "Bright Eyes" throughout the series. George Taylor is not to be confused with the DC Character George Taylor - the city editor of the Daily Star on Earth-Two.
  • Marcus is one of the gorilla hunters that captures Taylor. He won't be mentioned by name until issue #2 however.

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