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Synopsis for "I Saw the Vampire!"Edit

A man flees the scene of a vampire attack without attempting to get help for the victim because of his fear of the undead monster. He has cause to regret his action three days later when the victim rises from the dead and tracks him down to extract vengeance.

Appearing in "The Worm Turns"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Worm Turns"Edit

A henpecked husband strings twine across the dark cellar stairs in order to trip his nagging wife who always calls him a worm. She falls, and he strangles her when the fall doesn't finish her off. Even after she is dead though, he still suffers illusions that worms are streaming up from her grave in the cellar. When he goes down, he trips on the twine that he imagines to be worms and falls to his death.

Appearing in "Inside is Ty!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Inside is Ty!"Edit

A scientist's assistant murders him when he refuses to let him see the Tyrannosaurus skeleton that he has been assembling. The bones come to life and take revenge.

Appearing in "The Impatient Ghost!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Impatient Ghost!"Edit

A man with a weak heart is haunted by his own ghost who arrives just a bit early.

Appearing in "When Worlds Meet"Edit

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Synopsis for "When Worlds Meet"Edit

Humans broker a meeting between the inhabitants of Venus and Mars on the moon, but the human ship suffers technical difficulties which require repair and cannot make the appointment. Both aliens show up on time and take each other to be the humans, whom they find repulsive and attack. They radio their home planets to attack Earth. The unsuspecting humans look forward to the arrival of the alien ships until the bombs begin falling.

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