Appearing in "The Men from Mars"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Men from Mars"Edit

Martians transfer themselves into human bodies because their planet is dying, and they hunt down and kill the few humans that resist the transfer, but the first Martian to undergo the procedure develops the delusion that he himself is the last human on Earth and commits suicide when captured.

Appearing in "The Mad Mamba!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Mad Mamba!"Edit

A dancer on a business trip in Haiti strikes an old witch begging for money and in return the witch lures her into a midnight graveyard to dance with the dead.

Appearing in "Nightmare!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Nightmare!"Edit

A man in a hospital bed is dreaming he is being tortured by aliens, but when he opens his eyes he finds that the aliens are real.

Appearing in "A Million Light-Years Away"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Million Light-Years Away"Edit

A repairman who works for NASA tires of his mundane existence until he gets the chance to travel to an advanced civilization on Uranus. When he returns to Earth he appreciates that he still lives in a primitive culture which enjoys work, food, love and family life.

Appearing in "Two Times Two!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Two Times Two!"Edit

A space leader in the style of Stalin attempts to use a duplicator ray to gain enough troops to destroy his peaceful neighbors but ends up making so many people that the planet falls out of its orbit and is destroyed.

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