Legendary Olympian metal for which Adamantium was named, used in Hercules' Golden Mace and the Gates of Pluto. Described as the Metal of the Gods, Adamantine is golden in color and has several mystic properties such as preventing both psychic and magical influences also deflecting massive blasts of concussive energy.[1]


Adamantine is very indestructible, very much like the metal alloy it inspired. Also with the display from Howlett's skeleton it can resist both mind control and illusions, there is also one instance where this metal can't be affected by both materiel shifts or matter change which means it's molecules no matter who that person is it cannot be changed unless done by James himself. Another instance where someone tried to mold him into a creature with magic, this is both a fail and unpleasant move since James controls his new metal with his mind and since this metal makes him stinger than before it's utterly useless to do so since an outside party can't shift James form because of the adamantine. It has demonstrated its incredible durability many times, with one particular example, where it (in the form of Hercules' mace) was able to withstand the force of Thor's hammer blow.


Adamantine has been used in many ways.


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