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"Ace" Spencer grew up in poverty in the slums of New York. His mother was forced to become bedridden while Ace was a teenager, and Ace raised his brother and sister on his own. At some point, Ace joined a gang called the Reapers, and later became their leader. [1]

Through unrevealed circumstances, Ace received super powers and quit the gang. He found work as a freelance security guard. Later, he witnessed a gang shooting by his brother, who had since joined the Reapers. Ace was sought by the New York police and Spider-Man. Spider-Man ultimately confronted and battled Ace, finally convincing Ace of his responsibility to help others, beginning with turning in his brother. [2]


Ace has superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes. He also possesses a "danger sense" which allows him to anticipate disaster and/or his opponent's moves. Presumably because his danger sense is similar to that of Spider-Man, Ace's powers cancels out that of Spider-Man's.


Skilled street fighter



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