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The Lost Gods came to the Dimension of Death to rescue Wad and Pietro Vizarri from Seth.[1]
Except for Howie Barker and Tso Zhung, they were all eventually captured by Red Norvell and Lorelei.[2]
While the Lost Gods were being tortured, Seth received the visit of Loki.[3]
While some of the Asgardians managed to escape with the Grand Vizier, Loki challenged Seth in his own realm.[4]
Amora and the Grand Vizier then returned to Abydos and brought Donald Velez, Freddie Moyer, Mroht, Pyllar and Ulik back to New York City.[5]<br/< Loki eventually escaped from the Dimension fo Death and joined the other Asgardians in the final confrontation against Seth on Asgard.[6]

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