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Convicted felon and former professional boxer Carl "Crusher" Creel was in prison for aggravated assault when he was, unknowingly, hand-picked by Loki to gain the power to absorb the physical properties of anything he came in contact with, hoping it would mean defeat for Thor.

Despite losing in his battle with Thor, Creel continually clashed with The God of Thunder, as well as with The Incredible Hulk. After numerous losses, Creel would team up with the villianess Titania, who he would eventually marry. Creel continued clashing with heroes, often over his attempts to secure narcotics for his addiction.

Creel is often seen with his signature ball & chain. Since Creel was holding them when he was granted his powers, the ball & chain received the same absorption powers as he did. Creel often uses the ball & chain as a weapon in his exploits.

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