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This "Over 60" employee of Tony Stark was initially thought to be a liability when he spotted a Ghost at his workplace. When his suspicions proved true, Stark ensured Abe that there was a place for him at Stark Enterprises. Stark came to recognize Zimmer as a trustworthy and valuable employee. Zimmer helped Stark continue to function after a bio-chip implanted by Erica Sondheim was controlled by the Marrs Corporation and eventually became a deadly detriment. Abe also froze Stark's body into a cyrogenic state when he appeared to be dead.[1] At the time of Stark's thawing and resurrection, Abe was dating Erica.[1]

At some point before his death, Zimmer and Sondheim had a son named after his father.[2]


  • Super-Genius Intelligence: Abe Zimmer is considered to be one of the smartest people on the planet. He is a brilliant scientist and engineer with expertise in various fields.[3]

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