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Abraham Stoker

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Fairview , Dublin , Ireland

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November 8th, 1847
April 20th, 1912

Personal History

Bram Stoker was a writer of horror fiction born in Ireland in the year 1847. He is most widely recognized for the creation of the vampire character Count Dracula.

Professional History

Dracula was written as an epistolary novel and published in the year 1897. Although Stoker passed away long before the establishment of Marvel Comics, Dracula has served as the backbone of the Marvel Comic "horror-verse" for over three decades. Stoker's version of Dracula is considered canonical within the continuity of the mainstream Marvel Universe, but writers such as Marv Wolfman and Gerry Conway have expanded on the vampire character, incorporating elements of the historical Romanian Vlad Tepes, as well as the creation of a unique line-up of supporting cast members - some of which are the descendants of characters featured in Stoker's novel. Lucy Westerna and Quincy Harker for example, are both characters first introduced in Stoker's work. Harker was the son of the novel's two protagonists, Jonathan and Mina, and was born at the very end of the story. Lucy, on the other hand, was one of Dracula's primary victims from Stoker's novel, and has subsequently made the jump from literary fiction to comic books.

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  • A common misconception is that Stoker based his titular Dracula on the life of Romanian voivode Vlad Ţepeş. In fact, Stoker was unaware of the existence of Ţepeş until he was well into the creation of his novel. He learned about the historical Dracula while visiting a cemetery in Aberdeen and modified his novel to include aspects of the historical count.[1]

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