Like his Earth-616 counterpart, Dr. Cornelius was a disgraced “mercy killer” doctor who was recruited into the Weapon X program by Truett Hudson, alias the Professor. He already had the questionable legal and ethical background required for the program, where Cornelius was charged with overseeing the medical aspects of the Adamantium-bonding process.

On Earth-199406, a former Canadian Marine, Guy Desjardins, was subjected to the bonding process when Logan escaped capture, an operation that was overseen by Cornelius. Unfortunately, not only did the process mare him with Adamantium spikes sprouting from his knuckles, the process thoroughly unhinged him. Cornelius could find no means of controlling him outside of fitting him with cybernetic devices that constantly fed him adrenaline and tranquilizers as need be. As a result, the Professor declared the experiment a failure, passing Weapon X onto the experimental Flight program of James Hudson, both as a potential agent as well as to observe the maddened Desjardins from a distance.

When Weapon X broke loose and went on a cross-country killing spree, Cornelius was watching a TV news reports alongside the Professor and Carol Hines when Logan broke into their laboratory. Cornelius blurted out that he was their intended target for the experiment, enraging Logan that he could have been turned into the homicidal maniac who’d killed a friend’s husband among so many others.

Abraham Cornelius’ whereabouts and activities following these events are unknown, although he was presumably among those sought out by the authorities when Logan released the Weapon X files to the media.

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