Abe Beame was the Mayor of New York City from 1974-1977. To date all of his appearances in Marvel publications should be considered topical references per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.

Apocryphal Appearances

He was depicted as mayor of New York when the Jester attempted to destabilize the city by hijacking the media transmissions, first causing Foggy Nelson to lose his re-election as DA, then framing Daredevil for murder and finally making it seem that the New York City Police Department had gone insane[1].

He was later depicted as the mayor who was targeted by Edward Lansky who hired Tarantula to kill Beame, but he was saved by Spider-Man.[2]

The last time Beame was depicted as mayor of New York was when the Frightful Four were holding the Fantastic Four for ransom. In a panic the mayor contacted the current and former Presidents of the United States, and the losing candidate in the last election. These individuals were depicted as Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan. [3]

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