Beetle was first seen raiding a S.H.I.E.L.D. cargo vessel to unleash the Green Goblin. He was soon seen again in New York. Being tracked down by Spider Man, he led the hero on a chase around the city. Breaking into a lab, he stole a sample of the Sandman before escaping into the Latverian embassy.

Reappearing, he got into a battle with Venom in order to gather a sample of him as well, despite his efforts though, Venom beat him and left him for dead.[1]


Seemingly those of the Beetle of Earth-1610.


The suit that the Beetle wore is capable of producing flight similar to those of Iron Man's armor but also leaves a trail of light whenever he tries boosting his flight speed, and capable of phasing through solid matter.


Beetle Armor


Beetle Armor


Built in wrist mounted plasma and bladed weapons.

  • The Beetle in fact never calls himself "Beetle", but Spider-Man was the first person to give him his moniker name.
  • His real name is revealed in the character's bio featured the "Limited Edition" version of the game.

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