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Abdul Alhazared was a crime-lord and a magic user.

While trying to take over Tyger Tiger's syndicate in Madripoor, Abdul hired a group of various mercenaries to kidnap Tyger Tiger and Archie Corrigan, which included: Stump, Sheik, Scarface, Dumas, Rhys, and Barrett (aka Chief).[2] When Abdul encountered Wolverine, he sent him demons against him. His plan backfired and Abdul was banished to the realm of his demons. [3]

Power Grid [5]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


Abdul was able to unleash demons from a mystic gateway within his body. He could also call forth psychological demons from within others.

  • Marvel's Abdul Alhazared is a comic book version of an existing fictional character created in 1921 by writer H. P. Lovecraft for his short story "The Nameless City". If Lovecraft's history is true for the Marvel version, Al-Hazared dates back to the 8th century.

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