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Quote1 ... The Daring Defenders fight evil-doers of all sizes, shapes, colors and time periods! Quote2
-- Dollar Bill src

Aaron English was born into a very wealthy family and had an interest in film from a very young age.[1] He grew up to become a would-be television producer and an associate of the disastrous Defenders. He first saw Valkyrie after she registered for courses at Empire State University and hit on her, promptly asking her to go see Charles Bronson's "Death Wish."[2]

"Dollar Bill" (as he called himself) produced an unauthorized documentary about the Defenders, called The Dynamic Defenders and sold the rights for its television broadcast. The documentary was broadcast on television and revealed the existence of the team to the world. Nighthawk was angry at Dollar Bill for having their cover blown and acting without their knowledge or permission. He threatened to sue Dollar Bill, but Valkyrie convinced him to back down. [3] Hellcat was excited about the publicity, and was the only active Defender who actually wanted to see herself on television. [3]

The documentary informed viewers of the Defenders' latest exploits, and then informed them of a key difference between the Avengers and the Defenders. He claimed that the Defenders were a non-team, with no charters and no rules. Anyone with superpowers could declare himself a Defender and automatically become a member. Dollar Bill personally invited super-humans to join the team, and declared the address on television: "Richmond Riding Academy, Nassau County, Long Island, New York". He wanted heroes to join the team as quick as possible. Dollar Bill informed viewers that he was the Defenders' press agent and that he was going to exclusively film their exploits. He called the Defenders his own team, as if he had rights over them. [3]

  • Dollar Bill always wears sunglasses which cover his eyes. His eye color is unknown.

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