Quote1 If he doesn't know already, Beast will learn soon enough. The girl has the mind of a newborn because she was most likely born yesterday. She's a clone. Quote2
-- Spider-Man ("Peter Parker" / Otto Octavius) src


After breaking into one of Mister Sinister's laboratories, the Jackal used his works and samples to create a new clone: a blonde female with both mutant and spider DNA, granted with eye beams, and shape-shifting allowing her to take a giant spider form.[2]

Spider-Girl (Mutant Spider Clone) (Earth-616) from Avenging Spider-Man Vol 1 16 0003

Rampaging in New York

A new born and consequently non-sentient, he released her in New York City in the following days as a test, where she went rampaging in her arachnid form. She quickly clashed with the Police Anti-Spider-Man patrols, who were quickly backed up by "Spider-Man himself".

Spider-Man was joined a few instants later by the X-Men, claiming the case as she was believed to be a mutant. Octavius managed to defeat her with the help of Storm.

Beast was able to determine her hybrid origin and stated she wasn't a mutant although she had mutant DNA, and Rachel Summers detected her lack of memories and consciousness, giving a trail to her origin to Octavius, while the X-Men were thinking (and doubting) that this was the work of their foe Mister Sinister.[2]

Jean Grey School

She was ultimately taken into the custody of the X-Men,[2] presumably to the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning, but was eventually flunked out.[1]


Spider-Girl (Mutant Spider Clone) (Earth-616) from Avenging Spider-Man Vol 1 16 0001

Spider's mucus

Spider-Girl (Mutant Spider Clone) (Earth-616) from Avenging Spider-Man Vol 1 16 0004

Eye Beams

A human clone with spider and mutant DNA, she was granted with many powers:[2]

  • Arachnine Form Shape-shifting: She was able to turn herself into a giant Argiope aurantia, a garden spider, but with only five giant human eyes, granting her the following powers:
    • Wall-Crawling
    • Mucus Spitting: She was able to spit a purple substance with an unknown purpose.
    • Biological/Organic Webbing Generation
  • Eyes Beams: She was able to fire optic blast through her five eyes in spider-form.

It is unknown what control she has on her shape-shifting power, and if she possess all or part of her powers in human form, but she couldn't assume her spider-form once knocked out.


Like any spider, she is sensitive to changes in air pressure, which can put it into shock if the pressure is changed rapidly enough.[2]

  • After being scanned by Shi'ar technology by the Beast, McCoy concluded that this clone had three separate types of DNA strands operating inside her.[2]
  • Asked about her whereabouts, Tom Brevoort stated that she had been flunked out of the Jean Grey School.[1] It is unknown if that happened or if Brevoort was joking (although coming from Brevoort, the joke remains a realistic option). As far, this character hasn't been seen either as an X-Man or a student on-panel.

Origin of her DNAs

  • As she was a blonde female clone created by the Jackal, it was speculated by fans that she was in fact a Gwen Stacy's clone, as the Jackal has indeed a fetish on Gwen Stacy, but no proof is given, and Otto Octavius, in possession of Parker's memories didn't reacted when she appeared in human form.[2]
  • Another hypothesis is that her mutant strand came from Cyclops:
    • That clone has brown eyes and was able to fire red eye beams,[2] like Scott Summers.
    • Also Jackal broke in Sinister's facility to exploit his DNA records and samples,[2] and Mister Sinister is known to be obsessed with the Summers' genome.

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