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Root (Person of Interest) vs The punisher (MCU)

The punisher faces off against the master hacker and contract killer, Root.

Round 4: Guardians of the galaxy vs Xenomorphs.


Frank wields his Kimber Warrior handgun and his Para G.I. Expert.
Root wields Duel Glock 26 handguns.
Root has access to the machine through an ear piece.
Frank knows Root has access to the security cameras.
Takes place inside seagate penitentiary, starting in opposite sides of the prison.
Normal Morals.
Win by death.

For those who are unsure of Root, here are some feats:

I assume you all know what Frank can do.
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I am abstaining, haven't actually seen Root in action. Need more than a few scenes to understand her thought process.
Maybe punisher???
Personality wise, she is somewhat similar to harley Quinn, but is motivated by love for the "machine" instead of the joker. The machine provides her access to all cameras in her area as its most useful ability, and tells her exactly where to shoot, giving her perfect aim. Otherwise, if you haven't seen person of Interest (which I highly recommend), not much else to say that will help.
Frank. Mostly because he’s arguably more skilled, and since he knows about Root’s connection, he can take advantage of that as well

I am Root
Funny thing, I am a big Amy Acker fan, but this character appeals to me, not at all.
Really? Root is one of my favourite characters ever. I loved Amy Acker's performance of her, its probably my favourite of the roles she has played. Different tastes I guess lol.
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