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Stan Lee

Read this
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Infinity War Concept Art Shows Different Journey For Thor

How different do you think the film would have been?
Thor's 'Avengers: Infinity War' Journey Was Almost Much Different
Thor's 'Avengers: Infinity War' Journey Was Almost Much Different Marvel
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Reviews of the week






Uncanny X-men:
It was neither bad nor good, it was that little grey spot in the middle. It starts some mystery but without some thrill, you can't spot the antagonist not yet, the idea of the disappearing mutants is nice, but this government trying to kill mutants is a bit too "old-fashioned",plus it was cery nice to see 616 apocalypse after all these years. It give it a 5.0/10

Black order:

so they are working for the grandmaster now? THEIR THE GRANDMASTER'S ELITE BLACK ORDER? they kill emperors for no "terrifying" reason? Idk the reason anyway! And corvus just wants to be the bozo?!! I'd give it a 2.9/10

Avengers Vol 8:

Namor is pretty badass, red widow isn't bad too, but......i just can't tolerate Phoenix Logan 😭😭 he keeps following me everywhere😢 first thor vol 5 and avengers vol 8? i'd give it a 7.5/10, it was going to be 8/10 but pheonix logan HAD to show up!!

The last.....but certainly not the least

AMS vol 5:

So.....naughty spidey played with the pussy cat? And now pete took a hit because of it?and that weird cult is stealing everything, and now MJ is talking therapy? But can you blame her? Anyway i can't wait to uncover who the cult is and whr the FUCK IS KRAVEN?!! Anyway i'd give it a 8.1/10
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Noir vs 2099 #3 Iron Man.

I think this one may be interesting. Who would win and why?
Anthony Stark (Earth-90214)
Anthony Stark (Earth-90214) Marvel Database
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Adventures Of Stan Lee: Introduction (Not A Cameo Yet)

A 1000 years before the creation of the multiverse, Stan Lee was chosen as the messenger of The One Above All and Defender Of Justice, he appears in every universe with different interpretations, he travels through space-time across the multiverse, and eventually became one of the Gods of the Multiverse. After his death, many stories were untold, and now those stories will be uncovered.........
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Comic suggestions (Matthew murdock(Daredevil))

Okay I am back doing this "comic suggestion" thing but with a little new touch, you don't have to choose an entire comic, only a nice storyline so when someone is intrested to read he could follow this link.


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Marvel vs DC...

Still seeking the closest battles...

Today's battle...

Black Bolt vs Aquaman (Prime Earth).
No preparation time.
Bludhaaven docks.
Begin 50 m distance.
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The Battle between the Lovebirds! Match 80#

Marvel vs Marvel Battle!!!!
Match 80#
Past Match -

- Black Widow:

- Hawkeye:



Give a reasoning to your answer!
Standard Equipment!
No Morals!
Preparation Time: 2 hours
Place - Sakaar Stadium

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Villain of the day!

The Cruel Hitler!

Adolf Hitler (Earth-616)
Adolf Hitler (Earth-616) Marvel Database
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John Battman - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts
John Battman - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts YouTube
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*rules set below in comments*
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**rules beneath in comments**
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Black Panther's Quest: Review#3- "Into The Deep" 😔 smh...

Such a shameful episode in a terrible show. For the lazy readers..3/10 episode.

Previous: Review#2- "Shadow of Atlantis" pt2-

Episode#3: "Into The Deep"

Lets all have a moment of silence for Namor. The utter disrespect to his character in this show/episode is a unspeakable tragedy, so let us all bow our heads for this cool character whom Marvel has seem to forgot about............ Ok. This episode obviously takes place in Atlantis and there is not even one single mention or hint of Namor, and other characters have been placed in his position, Attuma. We already knew this from Episode 1, but just seeing it and seeing that there is not a single mention or hint of his character is just ridiculous.
As I said before, what they have done with characters in general is just sad, Im glad I know what I know so I wouldn't eat this crap and think its a gourmet meal.
-Killmonger is not Killmonger.
-They made Shuri a better diplomat than Tchalla, and made him an impulsive hot head. As I said they want her to be soo much better than him, and make it seem like she is really the better leader..this continues in other episodes too. She is the one with all the brains and tech, which is of course inspired by the MCU. Seeing the aftetmath of the BP film, I kinda hate the film now.

What I actually liked about the episode? As I said before the list is always short and so far this is the shortest list- What I liked was the scene thats actually shown in the thumbnail below. BP pics up Attuma's trident, does some cool stuff with it and blast the lizard guard. THATS IT, and thats not even much lol. He just looked cool for less than a minute out of a 20 min show.

Well thats all for now My Marvel Family. I appreciate all that read, and actually stomached watching the episode. I apologize for any typos. Until Next Time!!
Marvel's Avengers Assemble - Into the Deep
Marvel's Avengers Assemble - Into the Deep YouTube
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New Team up for Daredevil !!!

What is your thought about it?
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Marvel Costume Awards: BLIZZARD

- Gregor Shapanka

- Jack Frost

- Original Blizzard v1

- Original Blizzard v2

- Blizzard v1

- Blizzard v2

- Blizzard v3

- Blizzard v4

- Blizzard v5

- Blizzard v6

- Blizzard v7

- Armor

- Avengers EMH

- Agents of SHIELD
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I can't be the only one who thinks this

Be honest if you think otherwise but if he was still alive don't you think Michael Clarke Duncan would have been perfect for the role of Apocalypse in the X-men movies ?

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• 1d

Character of the day

I feel like this is marvel's solution to DC's character Dolphin
Bloodtide (Atlantean) (Earth-616)
Bloodtide (Atlantean) (Earth-616) Marvel Database
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• 2d

Wanted to share what I made but what cover u think deserve a game case

Or a better question, comic cover do u see as a perfect cover for a marvel game case cover
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• 2d

Namor SHOULD Be Established in The Eternals
Namor SHOULD Be Established in The Eternals YouTube
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War from Within Optimus Prime and Megatron vs 25 sentinels.

No Prep Time. OP and Megatron work together
Location: Forest, time: 7 p.m.
standard equipment

Leave a comment. Explain reasoning.
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