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Character of the day
Fist of Fire (Earth-616)
Fist of Fire (Earth-616) Marvel Database
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Crossover Fights #2

Lobo (Prime Earth)


Tryco Slatterus (Earth-616)

No prep
Normal equipment
Takes place at Watchtower of Justice League
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Marvel vs DC...

Still seeking the closest battles imaginable!

Today's perplexing battle...
Absorbing Man vs Metamorpho (New Earth)!
Victory by any means! (K.O., Death, Incapacitate, b.f.r.)
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Enter the Greymalkin: Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Welcome to the Greymalkin!

At one time, Cable used a unique space station from his future home to assist in missions through time. Carrying advanced technology and weaponry, some of its most valuable assets were the Time Displacement Cores, which allowed him to “bodyslide” to any point in the continuum that he needed to...

Which is exactly what Enter the Greymalkin is all about 🤗

In these segments, a new character will be presented each day. With that character in mind, this thread allows discussion on the following:

1) Storylines that we loved the character in.
2) Possible storylines that we would love to see that character in. (this includes your own unique stories)
3) Other timelines that would be cool for the character to operate in. (perhaps we “old manify” them)
4) Even different dimensions that we want to see the character in. (see you in Dimension Z)

At its core, this new segment fosters discussion on the possibilities of characters that we love. Focus on the character of the day and let’s see what potential stories and ideas that we can come up with 😎

Initiate Bodyslide: Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk
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Cindy Moon (Silk)

Do you think she deserves her own movie (((///

If so..... who'd be the villain
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Key & Peele - Proud Thug
Key & Peele - Proud Thug YouTube
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Crossover Fights #1

Orion (Prime Earth)


Thanos (Earth-616)

Place: Black Order base (I can’t remember it’s name.)
No prep
First round: Normal equipments
Second round: Thanos with Power Gem
(I don’t know Orion’s powers so Power Gem may be too powerful for him. Also Thanos may be less powerful for Orion. That is the cause that I give Power Gem to Thanos.)
(And also sorry for my bad English.)
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Marvel's Cover of the Week - 4/2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, this week Marvel releases a couple of "vintage" titles and drowns us in Guardians-themed variant covers. Are they good? Ai posteri l'ardua sentenza.

As usual you have 48h to vote, DO judge a book by its cover!

Shuri Vol 1 4
Avengers Vol 8 13
Avengers Conan Variant
Avengers GotG Variant
Cloak and Dagger: Negative Exposure - Marvel Digital Original Vol 1 2
Crypt of Shadows Vol 2 1
CoS Christopher Variant
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol 2 2
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 5 1
GotG GotG Variant (Yep, it's called like that)
GotG Shaw Variant
Immortal Hulk Vol 1 12
IH GotG Variant
Man Without Fear Vol 1 4
MWF Camuncoli Variant
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol 1 39
Star Wars Vol 2 60
Superior Spider-Man Vol 2 2
SSM GotG Variant
Uncanny X-Men Annual Vol 5 1
UXM Petrovich Variant
War Is Hell Vol 2 1
WIH Land Variant
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⭐Interstellar: Eternally Hateful #12⭐

Epiphany approached Eternity again.

Epiphany: I know why you truly made Stella. It wasn't just to stop the Celestials.

Eternity: No it wasn't, the earthlings were more than capable of stopping them but that wasn't the main reason.

Epiphany: It was for her.

Eternity: The Seven Friendless, each of us had a counterpart that balanced us. I have Entropy, you have Eulogy and Expediency has Empathy. Each of us except the seventh, Enmity. For millions of years, she was alone. We were ignorant to her loneliness and her hatred for us grew. I made Stella so she could try and sate her animosity but...

Epiphany: I ruined it. When she got the word that Stella was born she must've been so excited, then I swooped in and tried to keep her for myself.

Eternity: Enmity likes to pretend she feels nothing but hatred but that couldn't be farther from the truth. She feels all of them it's just that hatred is her dominant emotion. If something upsets her, even in the slightest way, she instantly hates it. We neglected her so her hatred took over.

Epiphany: So she's doing this because she's upset? Then why not come after me? Why is she putting Stella through this?

Eternity: She's upset with Stella as well. She feels she has chosen you over her. But she also views this as her simply playing a game with her little sister.

Epiphany: So how will this end?

Eternity: That is entirely up to them. Stella won't win this by beating Enmity with violence. She has to make Enmity willingly lose.

Epiphany: Can she do that?

Eternity: Of course, I made sure of it.

Back in Enmity's realm, Stella stood ready for battle.

Enmity: So this is your true power? I'm impressed but due to your lack of experience, you can't keep that form for long.

Stella: Enough talk, let's end this!

Enmity: Oh is little miss positivity angry?

In a flash, Stella flew at Enmity and threw a punch that grazed her chin. A stunned Enmity attempted to throw a punch of her own but Stella blocked it. Stella unleashed a pulse that knocked Enmity off the pyramid. Enmity begins floating in midair.

Enmity: You are angry.

Stella flew at Enmity but Enmity caught her by her throat. Enmity flew down the side of the pyramid, dragging Stella along it. Stella shot Enmity with a continuous energy blast that drove Enmity to the ground in the middle of the battlefield. Stella flew up and came crashing down with a punch but Enmity quickly moved. Stella's first crashed into the ground which caused a shockwave that knocked everyone around them back.

Enmity: You're more powerful than I thought. Let's test those abilities, shall we?

Enmity ordered a group of the creatures to attack Stella. Stella waved her hand and shot an energy wave that sliced the creatures in half.

Enmity: How about strength?

Enmity flicked her finger and two giant boulders burst from the ground on each side of Stella. The two boulders flew at her simultaneously in an attempt to crush her. Stella caught both of them and held them apart. Suddenly a third boulder appeared in front of her and began flying at her. She jumped up and stopped it with her feet. She continued to hold off the boulders until she was simultaneously able to give each of them a good push to get them away from her momentarily. She readied herself as the boulders flew back at her. She threw a roundhouse kick that went through each of the boulders smashing them to pieces.

Enmity: Well done, sister. But how is your speed?

Enmity gave a small glance towards Sarine who was fighting a creature nearby. Enmity quickly charged towards her and threw a punch. Before the punch could land Stella appeared between them and blocked the punch. Enmity went after several villagers but every time Stella was there to block her.

Enmity: Nice speed.

Stella: Stop playing with people lives.

Enmity: But it's so fun.

Stella: This is between me and you, let's keep it that way!

Enmity: Awww you want big sis all to yourself?

Stella: Whatever you say.

Enmity: Fine.

Enmity started to fling broken pieces of the pyramid at Stella, who surrounded herself with a barrier to block them. Enmity used the distraction and charged Stella. She grabbed Stella by the throat and slammed her into the ground. She threw Stella up into the air. Enmity jumped up, caught her and threw her back down. Enmity stood over Stella with a sinister smile.

Enmity: Just give up.

Stella: No! I can't lose!

Enmity: How about a little motivation? If you win, I'll send everyone I brought here home.

Stella: Deal!

Stella blasted Enmity away and quickly got to her feet. The two charged at each other and began trading blows. Enmity caught one of Stella punches and kneed her in the stomach. She throws Stella over her shoulder and flew towards the pyramid. She crashed Stella through the side of it. Before crashing through the other side, Stella quickly put Enmity in a headlock and flipped her over. Using her legs, Stella launched Enmity up through the top of the pyramid. Stella flew up behind her and attempted to throw a punch but Enmity quickly opened a portal that Stella flew through. Enmity opened another and landed a crushing blow on Stella as she flew out. She landed a few more blows before knocking Stella back down to the side of the pyramid near where Allia and Apex were still recovering.

Enmity: Let's play another game now. Can you make it to your friends before I obliterate them?

Enmity raised one hand to the sky and created a giant ball of energy.

Stella: No!

She threw it down at Allia and Apex but Stella quickly moved in front of it and caught it with her left hand. She absorbed it and transferred it through her body them shot it back at Enmity. Enmity waved her hand and dispersed the blast. Stella flew up and put a barrier over Allia and Apex to protect them from Enmity. The two hovered above the pyramid as the battle continued to rage below. Stella reverted back to her normal form.

Enmity: Looks like you've run out of time.

Stella: Seems so.

Stella was also visibly weak from using so much power. Enmity glanced at the battle below.

Enmity: Look at it, all the beautiful chaos.

Stella: Chaos caused by you.

Enmity: That may be so but it's kind of your fault too.

Stella: I didn't force these people here to be apart of your sick game.

Enmity: I made this game for you!

Stella: Now I want you to end it!

Enmity: Why? So you can go hang with Pip? Am I not good enough to spend time with?!?

Stella: What are you talk--

Stella suddenly realized why Enmity was doing this.

Stella: It's time to end this.

Enmity: I agree!

Enmity flew at Stella and landed a blow that Stella didn't try to avoid.

Enmity: What are you doing? Fight!

Stella: I'm sorry.

Enmity: What?

Stella: I'm sorry I made you think I liked Pip more than you. I love you both.

Enmity: Shut up!

Enmity threw another punch but Stella avoided it this time and hugged Enmity. A shocked Enmity stood still for a moment before pushing Stella away.

Enmity: Get off me!

Stella quickly recovered, flew back up to Enmity and hugged her once again. Enmity landed a blow to Stella's stomach and knocked her away again.

Stella: I know I can't beat you and I don't want to.

Stella got to her feet and slowly walked towards Enmity.

Stella: I just want to be on good terms with my big sis.

Enmity started to feel her hatred for Stella fade. Before Stella could reach Enmity she collapsed. Enmity stared at Stella as she laid on the ground.

Stella: Please, can we stop fighting? I know you're upset but can you forgive me?

Enmity stood confused.

Stella: So what are you going to do, sis?

Enmity walked over and lifted Stella up. Stella once again hugged Enmity but this time she didn't push her away.

Enmity: Stupid girl, fine.....I surrender.

Enmity snapped her fingers and the creatures disappeared. Suddenly a giant portal opened in the sky. The villagers, Karla and Lupa were sucked up into the portal. Allia and Apex were also sucked up into the portal. Stella felt the portal pulling her as well and started holding on to Enmity tighter.

Enmity: Don't worry, that's the way out. Do me a favor, take care of my daughter.

Stella loss her grip and flew into the portal. She woke up next to Allia and Apex. They each slowly got to their feet and Stella hugs Apex.

Stella: We did it.

Apex: No you did it.

Stella: Where are we? Wait, isn't this your house?

Apex: Yeah.

Apex ran towards the house and ran in.

Apex: Mom!?

Lina: Hey, you're back.

Apex: I'm ok, I know you were worried.

Lina: Why?

Apex: I've been gone for 3 days!

Lina: Days? You've only been gone for 3 hours.

Apex: What?

Lina: Why do you look like you just came out of the woods? Did you go camping?

Apex: It's a long story.

Stella watched from the porch then she noticed Allia was gone. Allia was walking down an alley when suddenly Stella flew down in front of her.

Stella: Where are you trying to sneak off to?

Allia: We won, there's no reason you have to be bothered with me now.

Stella: I thought we passed this. Come on.

Stella grabbed her hand and began leading her back to Apex's house. He was standing on the porch looking for Stella.

Apex: There you are.

Stella: Sorry but this one tried to run away. Well, that was an interesting first date huh?

Apex: Yeah, let's stay on earth for the next one.

Stella: Agreed.

Apex: Well, good night.

Stella: Good night.

Stella turned to walk away but quickly turned back around and kissed Apex.

Stella: Bye.

Stella walked back to Allia and opened a portal. She took Allia's hand and started walking towards it.

Allia: Where are we going?

Stella: Home.

They walked through the portal and went to Epiphany's house who was waiting. She ran up and hugged Stella.

Epiphany: I'm so glad you're back. Are you ok?

Stella: I'm fine.

Epiphany: Good and you must be Allia.

Stella: I hope it's ok if she stays with us.

Epiphany: Of course it's ok, she's our niece after all.

Allia was shocked by hearing this.

Epiphany: You two get cleaned up and I'll fix us something to eat.

Stella: Cool, come in Lia. The bathroom is this way.

They got cleaned up and later enjoyed a meal together.

A few days later, Enmity walked around her empty palace. She walked into the throne room and was shocked to find Stella sitting by the throne.

Stella: There you are! I was going to come looking for you but I didn't want to get lost.

Enmity: What are you doing here?

Stella: Came to visit my big sis. You said I could visit any time, right?

Enmity: So you're really gonna forgive me just like that? You're so naive.

Stella: No, just forgiving.

Enmity: Well isn't that nice.

Stella: Plus I have something I want to ask.

Enmity: What's that?

Stella: Can you train me?

Enmity: Why don't you get Pip to train you?

Stella: Because I'm asking you.

Enmity just stood there.

Stella: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Enmity: Fine!

Stella: Yayy!

She flew towards Enmity and hugged her.

Stella: Thank you!

Enmity: Ok ok enough hugging. Let's get started.

Enmity walked away towards one side of the room with a small smile on her face.

Stella: Right!

Stella flew to the other side of the room and readied herself.

Enmity: Come at me with all you've got.

Stella: Ok.

The two sisters charged

The End.
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Character Origins; Sparrow : The Funniest! (W.R.I.T.E.R.S #5)

*PLEASE LOOK NEW LOGO SUGGESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS. Previous issue: *22 Jan. The following morning- Alt : Laila,have you seen the book of Mehmet? Laila : mmm,I'm reading it right now. Alt : Okay. *Someone knocks the door. Alt : Who? Daud: You know! Alt : You know....who? (Yikes! You know who? The Dark wizard is real?) Daud: I'm Daud,open the door. I've a guest for you. Alt : Oh,come in. *Door opens Alt : Assalamaliqum.... Daud : .....Here's my childhood friend Ahmed Qadir. Alt : Oh,it's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Qadir. Ahmed : Nice to see you too sir. Daud : Altair,as I was saying,he wants to join our team. Alt : Very well,what are your specialties? Ahmed : .... Daud : Hold on,his IQ is an unbelievable 190. Compares to Sherlock Holmes! Alt : I're Great enough to be a detective. Ahmed : Thanks Mr. S'Diqi. Alt : My pleasure... Laila : You all forgot me? Daud : Never mind madame,can you check this kid's IQ? Laila : Sure,let me bring my laptop. *Laila does some experiments with Ahmed. Laila : Alt,he's right. This boy has unbelievable Intelligence which could slightly compare to you. 192/190. Alt : Then a quick announcement,we have a new member for our team now. Ahmed : I'd like to be called "Sparrow". Alt : Cap'n Jack Sparrow eh? Okay. Here's your suit boyo... *Altair gives Ahmed a new suit. Altaïr :(in phone) Hello? Mr. Wayne? Dr. Supreme : Yes. I need you,come aboard... How was the Story? &Cover? Tell me please. Have suggestions? Tell that too. W.R.I.T.E.R.S- Lead. Altaïr S'3428. CO. Lead. Akashdas9064. V.P. Lagvaldemag.
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Place of the day!
Verkhoyansk Mountains Marvel Database
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Hip Hop in the MCU!

Hip hop is an important part of my life. There have been several moments in the MCU that have been improved with a hip hop track in the background. I’m mostly referring to Luke Cage seeing how that’s really one of the few things that relate to hip hop in the MCU. Today I’m sharing my top 5 favorite MCU hip hop moments. You may share your thoughts and you’re favorite moments as well. I know hip hop is an acquired taste but we are all entitled to our opinions.

I remember my first time seeing this scene and I was just smiling through the whole fight. Enter the 36 Chambers was one of the first albums I’ve ever downloaded and listened to in its entirety. I feel like it adds more to this scene because of its fast pace and fight sound effects in the background. It also represents the griminess of New York in its wild sound and why not put on a song with artists who reference martial arts culture throughout their music. This scene gets shitted on a lot because of the music choice especially it being Wu Tang but to all the naysayers I say, eat a fat DICK...because Wu Tang Clan ain’t nothin to fuck with.

This movie is a guilty pleasure for me. Cut me some slack I was only 9. I like the music choice for this scene mostly because it’s the beat is constantly changing but the tempo remains the same. It’s as if at some points in the fight one gets the better of the other but they aren’t able to get a definitive advantage. A power struggle.

This scene needs little to no explanation. It’s just the fast pace of the song that gets me going. I just love it and Kendrick and Vince are some of favorite artists.

Just like the fifth’s the grittiness of NYC and just like the chorus says, they were halfway crooks. I also enjoy this scene due to the synchronization between 0:42-0:47. Excellent choice for this scene, especially as the opening scene. It fits perfectly for what’s going on.

Honorable mention for 1)

I love this scene because it goes to show how important fiction is when applied to real life. It’s layers to this shit. Enough said...


I just love this scene above all others. Heheheheheheheheh....”you must protect your name”

Do you have any favorite hip hop moments in the MCU? What songs would you have incorporated in some scenes?
The Defenders - Final fight against The Hand
The Defenders - Final fight against The Hand YouTube
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Quote of the Day /21 Jan

"With great age,comes great experience."

Discussions | Marvel Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Discussions | Marvel Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia
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This move is lit


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Hello everyone
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Character of the day
Lightning Conductor (Earth-616)
Lightning Conductor (Earth-616) Marvel Database
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Are We In The Upside Down?

Lol I almost choked to death laughing so hard at this shit. He can't even act but he wants to direct. Lol this shit had me rolling.
Channing Tatum Wants to Direct 'Gambit'
Channing Tatum Wants to Direct 'Gambit' Marvel
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The Thing vs Mr fantastic

I have my money on Mr fantastic. Defend or refute
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