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Amazing Spider-Man #11: We have a villain ladies and gentlemen! It took Spencer only eleven issues and 5 months, but he finally decided to give us an opponent that we care about (in the next issue)! The Bugle subplot is the least interesting so far, MJ should appear in every issue, the humor is getting better, Ryan Ottley changed art style and for the better, this new design is not extraordinary but it pairs very well with the writing, it feels normal, in a good way. It was just an issue to set up the next arc, so not my favorite kind, but it held up. Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1: I really don't know what to say anymore. Why don't they just straight up copy Lee's text bubbles next time I wonder?! It's certainly cheaper than paying a "writer" to do it. After this and Exiles Ahmed is definitely earning the title of 3rd greatest one-hit wonder of the 21st century. #1 goes to Psy and #2 to Notch if anyone was wondering. The art style is nice though. Mr&MrsX #6: David Lopez should face trial for crimes against the readers for the art of this issue. Not only it's bad, but it pales in comparison to Oscar Bazaldua's, I wonder why they kicked him out... The issue was pure filler, which only makes the age old question all the more relevant: why did they have to cut down the first arc so brutally? Doctor Strange: Defenders: Enough f*cking Old Men, can't Marvel write a plot that doesn't involve geriatric barely standing versions of the heroes?! And don't make me mention Hulk making a magic explosion that kills Dormammu. Silver Surfer: Defenders: After 3 subpar set up issues my expectations for this fourth one were pretty low, but it wasn't enough... I don't consider myself a stupid person, and I've recently read a book where the stories are literally told by characters who speak through the cards of a deck of tarots, so I certainly can follow "alternative" storytelling, but of these 20 pages I understood absolutely nothing. I didn't get what Norrin was doing, I didn't get the timeline nor the meaning of some actions, half the characters had literally no purpose, a "train" is mentioned like 100 times I don't know what it is, nor if Galactus wants to stop it or use it or eat it or whatever and last but not least there's the Scooby Doo Ku Klux Klan guy in literally 1 single panel, backstabbing yet another alien... Why?! Don't ask me, I'm certainly not as smart as Jason Latour believes he is.
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My next marvel vs crossover

So I'm more then halfway done with marvel vs valiant part 1 , what should I pick for the next crossover vs,

Tv show characters
Movie characters
Horror monsters
A specific show


No anime as it has been said that their power level are not set , 😒 I mean it's whatever , unless u can give a good reason an anime should be part of this

No DC because I'm sure we get enough of those
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• 2h

Marvel vs DC, 5 on 5; Combat Specialist Category... Competitors!

You have 48 hours to vote for the top 5 Combatants from both publishers. Try to keep DC to Prime Earth.

Treat all superhuman abilities as cancelled/negated.

Competitors and matches determined by votes!

Good luck!

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So, thoughts on this?
'The Punisher' S2 Arrives on Netflix in January
'The Punisher' S2 Arrives on Netflix in January FANDOM
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• 6h

Marvel vs Marvel, 5 on 5; Combat Specialist Competition.


I can't make these work if only 2 people vote. I am retiring these. They get buried to often.
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Marvel's Cover of the Week - TIE BREAKER!

Ladies and Gentleman, we have nice threeway tie here, so it's time for a Tie Breaker!
You have an additional 24 hours to vote!

Mr. and Mrs. X Vol 1 #6
Champions Vol 2 #27
Silver Surfer Skan Variant
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Marvel's Recent & Upcoming Events!🤔

I am just seeing how marvel is going these days...
A lot of unnecessary things happening.
First, Infinity Wars, Then Infinity Conflict, Thanos Legacy, Black Order.. Much more.
This is not yet, It is coming with Killmonger and Venom comics series...(I didn't read ongoing Venom, but reviews aren't good).
Then Fuck old guys pissing here and there .😔
(Old man Logan, Strange, Quill,Clint,...etc)

Now they announced
War of Realms, Age of X-Man, and Recently they are planning for erasing all glorious marvel comics history. 😱😱👿

What is your thought about it?
It is my opinion on Marvel recent events, Correct me
If I am totally Ignorant.
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Who would win, Erron Black vs Punisher(Earth 616)

Okay, maybe this won't be as one-sided as the battles I posted last time lol. Both these guys are gun-toting badasses with a penchant for killing enemies. Punisher is inspired by revenge, whereas Erron Black is motivated by money.
Who would win in this gunslinger showdown?
- start at a distance of about 20 feet away from one another
- standard weapons and gear
- fighters have 30 minutes to prepare
Erron Black feats :
Mortal Kombat X Erron Black's X-Ray on All Characters
Mortal Kombat X Erron Black's X-Ray on All Characters YouTube
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Bruce Wayne vs Peter Parker

30 min prep for Wayne [he doesn't know Parker's weak points.(does he have one?)]

Arena: Gotham City

They can't get help from anyone (even Alfred)


Parker (Earth-616/All New All Different) Wayne (Prime earth of DC All-Star?)

Who wins and why? (I think Parker wins easily.)

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• 7h

Saving Tony Stark

This Is How Tony Stark May Be Saved From His Spaceship In The Avengers 4 Endgame Trailer
This Is How Tony Stark May Be Saved From His Spaceship In The Avengers 4 Endgame Trailer YouTube
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• 7h

Place of the day!

"The_Rand's_Hut" or Marvel's Tarzan's hut.😂🤣
The Rand's Hut
The Rand's Hut Marvel Database
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• 8h

Dr Strange 2 News

Here are a few links to some Dr Strange 2 news.
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• 12h

Marvel vs DC #18

What if Battle #34
Blue beetle aka. Jaime reyes(the 2nd blue beetle)


Spider-Man aka. Miles morales
Location : City block
Prep : normal
Win by any means- k.o,Death,etc.

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• 12h

Marvel vs Lord of the rings #5

Who do you think would win and why? Witch king of angmar Vs Dr. Doom Place: Desert (night) Win by K.O or death Prep time: 1 and half hour Eq: Witch king can ride his fellbeast, standard for doom Links: Doom- Witch king- And I have a question- How do I add pics to my posts on 'fandom' not 'marvel fandom'?
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• 15h

CBM Oversatturation

As a kid, I loved games, I loved it like nothing else. I'd be playing for hours on end, days and even weeks but as my parents gave me more and more games I started straying away from my passion of games. Then I found Marvel, saw a comic with a cover that hooked me instantly, it was my first Marvel comic and it had a different vibe and feel compared to movies and I fell in love with the two rival companies, DC & Marvel then I heard about the MCU, searched it, checked it and saw the trailer. I got so excited I couldn't care less about my school works so became so immersed in my new found love for comic books. I always waited for every Marvel & DC movie release, with more than five superhero movies coming out every year both Marvel & DC it's hard not to feel overwhelmed especially non-hard core fans of a decade old comic book brand beloved by many in a genre oversatturated with so many movies, what started out as a small company trying out new creativity back in the day, it has become a multi-billion company that prioritized profit and money. Comic book movies are supposed to complement comic books, not replace them with oversatturation cause there's nothing better than seeing your beloved brand a decade long franchise adaptation, a brand beloved by many all over the world
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• 16h

Captain marvel

What if Captain Marvel disintegrates during the post credit scenes of her movie??
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• 16h

Quote of the Day /12 Dec

"Happy birthday to y..." oops!. That is "my" quote!
Btw sorry for late,today's quote-
"There are days that tear hope down and stamp on it...but even on those days,we can stand up. We can fight. We can rise"

-Sam wilson
Samuel Wilson (Earth-616)
Samuel Wilson (Earth-616) Marvel Database
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• 17h

Spiderling vs. Spider-girl {Mayday Parker}

Who wins in this battle of Spider Man's daughters? I say Spiderling because she is more experienced.

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• 19h

The Great Tragedies

Hey everyone!

One of the best ways for a hero/villain to undergo serious character development is through great personal tragedy. Something happens that knocks them down to size, whether they were cocky and had it coming, or everything was just going too well for them.

With that being said, who has it coming? Which character would you like to see knocked down to size? Who is due for a good tragedy and why?
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Kind of Off-Topic

For anyone who might know, what are the requirements for mod?
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