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Charlie Agrees

It just sounds better coming from Charlie Cox point of view than Ethan Hawke lol. Your Thoughts?
‘Daredevil’ Star Charlie Cox Understands Why Ethan Hawke Hates Comic Book Movies
‘Daredevil’ Star Charlie Cox Understands Why Ethan Hawke Hates Comic Book Movies Marvel
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Character of the day
Vanessa Marianna (Earth-616)
Vanessa Marianna (Earth-616) Marvel Database
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Which team would you pick

  • The Avengers
  • The X-Men
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Agents of SHIELD
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Marvel vs Marvel, 5 on 5; Intellects Category... Results!

Thanks for participating gentlemen!

I have tallied your votes!

You have chosen your victors!

Exiles vs Thunderbolts!

1. Valeria (1720) vs Dr. Octopus... Valeria is the victor!

2. Cat (79596) vs Leader... The Leader is the victor!

3. Miguel O'Hara (6395) vs Radioactive Man... Miguel is the victor!

4. Forge (2814) vs Overmind... Overmind is the victor!

5. Iron Lad (TRN691) vs Mach X... Iron Lad is the victor!

Exiles win a 3-2 victory!

Next up, combat specialist category!
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Which female superhero would you be?

  • Captain Marvel
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Black Widow
  • Silver Sable
  • Jean Grey
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Have you noticed that Marvel loves putting dichotomy in characters

Here’s some well known examples: Peter Parker a shy and quiet nerd puts on the mask and becomes a fast talking wise guy. Obviously DeadPool is built on the Spider-Man character, I.e got rid of the shy young character, kept the fast talking and more blood; it’s called super hero character development. (Generation 2 :-)

Here’s another a man who cannot walk but his mind is free to travel anywhere; yes you guessed it, everyone’s favourite baldie Professor X. Like he needed an introduction.

If we’re staying on the theme of the X-Men, then look no further than the bouncing bounding Beast. One of the smartest men in the Marvel Universe with an animalistic appearance; traditionally those two opposing characteristics don’t go together hence a typical Marvel play.

In exactly the same play we have the Incredible Hulk and super intelligent Bruce Banner; Jeckle and Hyde anybody?

There’s plenty more dotted throughout the Marvel Universe and we must thank Stan Lee and his creative team for expanding our horizons, one of my personal favourites is Wakanda, a country in Africa that was unblemished by colonialism or any other western exploits. You’ve got to remember when the Black Panther character was born it was during the 60s when films depicted the African continent as no more than wattle and daub huts rather than modern buildings let alone technological achievements.

Can anyone find anymore?
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Come One Come All! Casting: John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

Honestly I think the two would be spectacular as the MCU’s Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, but that’s just me. Feel free to share and express any thoughts about these two joining the MCU.
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Your thoughts
Marvel's Spider-Man joins The Heist, a new Marvel mobile game debuts and more! | Marvel Minute
Marvel's Spider-Man joins The Heist, a new Marvel mobile game debuts and more! | Marvel Minute YouTube
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Marvel's Cover of the Week - 43/2018

This time I've added some variants of my choice into the mix. If there are any more you want to vote feel free to post them and I'll add them in.
As usual you have 48h to vote.

And now, let's cut to the chase, DO judge a book by it's cover!

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #8
Black Panther vs. Deadpool Vol 1 #1
BPvsDP #1 Granov Variant
Infinity Wars: Arachknight Vol 1 #1
Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker Vol 1 #2
Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme Vol 1 #2
Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Captain Marvel - Halloween Spooktacular Vol 1 #1
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol 1 #36
Moon Knight Vol 1 #200
MK #200 Finch Variant
MK #200 B&W Variant
MK #200 Tan Variant
Punisher Vol 12 #3
Return of Wolverine Vol 1 #2
Sentry Vol 3 #5
Spider-Geddon Vol 1 #2
Spider-Girls Vol 1 #1
Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider Vol 1 #1
Spider-Gwen Oum Variant
Spider-Gwen Hyung Variant
Spider-Gwen Artgerm Variant
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Vol 1 #25
What If? Thor Vol 1 #1
X-Men: Black - Juggernaut Vol 1 #1
X-Men: Red Vol 1 #9
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Wakanda Forever !!

We can see the uses of Wakanda tech in comics and
But What is the uses of them in everyday life?🤔

Here is some uses of them.😁😁😀
5 Everyday Uses of Wakandan Tech (Black Panther)
5 Everyday Uses of Wakandan Tech (Black Panther) YouTube
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Old Man Logan

Just got the Old Man Logan comic collection, finished it within 2 days and man was it brutal!!

For those who have read it, what are your thoughts?
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Vote for your favourite Threat to Asgard.

1. Laufey
2. Destroyer
3. Hailstrum
4. Grundroth
5. Malekith
6. Kurse
7. Berserker
8. Surtur
9. Fenris
10. Hela
11. Topaz
12. Grandmaster
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Avengers 4 Full Crew !!!( OR NOT)

We can see rescue armour !!! 🙃😀😃
I am very excited.

We can The QUANTUM REALM Suit with Helmets.
As well as PROFESSOR HULK with His Helmet.

Cap will get Civil War Shield. And Many More ...

What is your thought about it?
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MCU influence.

Okay, so right now we're seeing a lot of not-so-good changes Marvel comics due to the films and possibly shows.
Now this would be okay with me but they seem to be making the wrong choices. I much preferred Starlord before the MCU influence (MCUI, feel free to use that) kicked in. And let's not even get started on Shuri.
So what I want to know is if you had to make any changes to comics based on the films and shows what would they be?
Honestly, I wouldn't be upset if Daredevil received Charlie Cox's likeness. This guy has frickin' owned that role.
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Hi everyone

Hi my I am new to fandom!
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cute scarlet witch

I made this in the dark at 2 in the morning :)
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Pepper Potts and Tony Stark

I drew this today and I was wondering if you like it?
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BP Review#8: Shuri#1= 4/10!!😒

Oh Boy.. the MCU force is strong with this one. Smh smh smh 😂. Tune in with me on this My Marvel Family.

Previous: BP Review#7

"Somebody SAAAAAVVVE MEEEE! " Thats all I could think of to start this off 😂 because I need saving man. If this is the future of BP comics then I need immediate rescue.

If I didn't already know copying the MCU and making poor decisions was Marvel's current MO, if I didn't already know that this was going to be bad, and if I didn't already know that this was going to disrespect the good thats already been established; I wouldve been a little more surprised and angry. Thank goodness I already knew (phew😊😌)! However, current MCU influenced Marvel still manages to find a way to shock us all (on some level at least) with how low they can go. Let me get straight to the point....
If this comic was made for new readers, who know nothing about the character or the mythos and have only been introduced to it all via the Black Panther film, it still would only manage to pull out a 5/10 rating in my opinion. Now for one who knows damn near everything about BP (yes, on a unhealthy level lol).. This comic is just UTTERLY DISRESPECTFUL! It totally drops years of development Shuri's character has gone through for the sake of adapting the MCU version into her character, and contradicts established facts. This is not written by someone who really knows and loves the character and mythos, but instead written by one who has surface level knowledge and wants to do whatever the hell they wish. This comic is a prime example of just because a writer shares the same identity as the character (race, gender, sex, or otherwise) it does NOT automatically qualify them as a good choice for the character. Dan Slott, Joe Quesada, or whatever other white male writer the general audience of comic book fans does not like; im sure all these guys could've written a much better Shuri comic- Im heavily confident Al Ewing, and Johnathan Hickman could have done so.
1 big mistake Nnedi Okorafor makes, as is the same of others in Marvel right now, is that it seems he/she feels compelled to copy what was done in the MCU. She says this in her "Letters Page" (direct quote):
"One of the biggest challenges in writing this series has been staying true to the comics version of the character while working aspects of Ryan Coogler and Letita Wright's take on the character from the world-beloved Black Panther film". Nnedi is stating that like she HAS to combine the different versions together, like it is a must. THIS WOULD NOT BE A CHALLENGE IF YOU JUST STICK WITH THE COMIC VERSION AND FORGOT ABOUT THE MCU. Oh but my mistake, by her statement, it seems she may also have an issue with working in harmony with what the source material already nvm, my apologies.
HOW AND WHY Does Marvel let these people get away with this stuff? WHY do they feel the need to be garbage and create garbage? Dont they know they dont HAVE to copy the MCU? Dont they know they can say NO to awful ideas and trash writers? Dont they know the MCU is great and exist because of the comics in the first place? C'mon now....
Below, in the pic, you see "why?" splattered over the cover; Im not asking "Why was this comic made?"....nah I know that (and for the record my issue is not the fact that Shuri has gotten her own series). And no Im asking anything I dont know the answer to, I mean at this point, we all know why. Why 80% of Marvel is crappy, Why dumb decisions are made, Why Marvel is disrespecting a lot of the stuff that made characters great and Marvel as a whole great- yeah, we all know. The answers we already have to those questions tells you all what you need to know about this comic so far.

ART- 4/10
It seems like all of Nnedi's stories with Panther has either "ok" art or absolutely trifling art, the art here is somewhere in between. If you're going to have really great covers, AT LEAST have art that makes it feel appropriate. The Art does not match AT ALL with cover, same with the quality of writing and story.
STORY- 5/10
Wouldve been alot better in someone elses hands. A story like this has a lot of potential and specifically a lot of potential for Shuri's character. However, you need, AT LEAST, a decent writer to tell it as it should be. Evan Narcisse, in my opinion, was the perfect man for the job, but I feel he was totally looked over. He did near EXCELLENT work with "Rise of The Black Panther", and I feel he wouldve been able to do the same here. But someone in Marvel thought it wise to give the story to a writer who recently wrote a crap story with Panther.
SHURI (the character)- 3/10
Ive never disliked Shuri so much in my life. With the MCU Influence changing her character, it makes her character damn near INSUFFERABLE. "Everything is always about my brother", "Shuri is responsible for Wakanda's space program being what it is today".....😒😒😒😒...Huuhh...Shut The F#%K Up! No seriously..STOP! I can go on and on about how they totally disrespected her character...made her feel inexperienced, naive, etc etc.

1) The biggest mistake Coates ever made while writing BP was turning Wakanda into a Constitutional Monarchy. He made it reasonable/sensible why Wakanda would change and more, Ill give him that, but it still was a mistake. It was because it changes so much about how The Black Panther is viewed, and sorta takes away the magic that is behind his character. Here in this issue, we're sorta seeing that come into effect. Tchalla is gone, some are worried, and when the question "What will Wakanda do and be without its king" arises, the answer is now, "We will still be Wakanda, nothing will change". That is a problem for me, Why? Because it shows Tchalla, the King, The Black Panther, is not important as he should be. It shows as if he is not needed, that he is just a tool used for the country.. But he is not the thing that make the country works and what it is.
Yes, Wakanda being the most technologically advanced nation on the planet, should be capable enough to run well even when there is no ruler. But that does not mean the ruler should now be seen as little importance to the health and well being of the nation. One of the things that made Wakanda's Monarchy so special was that: 1) It practiced a sense of traditionalism that promoted fairness. You do not become leader of the country simply due to birth right, you MUST earn it. 2) Even after youve passed all physical test, shown that you are the strongest and the smartest, you still must be seen worthy by the patron goddess Bast. This is a big deal! Bast is everything to Wakanda! If she doesn't deem you worthy, you cant lead. 3) The nation is strong on its own but its always been the Black Panther thats made Wakanda what it is. The people are a big part of that too....but The Black Panther is both the head and heart of the nation. The fact that Tchalla has to be that for an entire nation AND A HERO... Makes him soo cool in my eyes.
This Constitutional Monarchy sorta takes all that away.
2) This comic has shown that the trash mini-series "Long Live The King" is canon 😢😢😢😢😢🔫🔫💥💥.

IS THERE ANY GOOD?! There is actually.
1) Cover.
2) Shuri and Eden Fesi/Manifold's relationship is growing.
3) I have a love-hate relationship with Shuri being shown as intelligent. It was already known she has genius level intellect in the past, seeing her create her own tech and some for her brother (whom I want to see using in the future) is actually kinda cool.
4)....hmmmm. There was a moment shown when Tchalla was training with Zuri (a highly skilled warrior in Wakanda) and it was shown even as a boy he defeated this highly experienced warrior whom was known to have killed a 100 men with only a rock and a rusted spear. Beast!
So these 4 things is why I give the rating of 3-4/10. Thats it.

WELL THATS IT! Ive ranted enough😊. Huge thanx to all that read, and I humbly apologize for any typos. Until next time My Marvel Family😉!
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