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Stealth Suit of Spider-man !!!

Probably like to see what is the mission for Peter.
But what is your thought about it?
Spidey Goes Stealth In First Spider-Man: Far From Home Photo
Spidey Goes Stealth In First Spider-Man: Far From Home Photo We Got This Covered
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Marvel vs DC #17

What if Battle #31
Daken (son of wolverine)


Red Hood aka. Jason Todd
Prep : Red Hood has AK-47 and Smoke bombs.
Location : Gotham rooftops
Time : Till Death.

Let's Battle!!!
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Marvel vs DC...

Still seeking the closest battles imaginable!

Today's match...
Gamora vs Artemis (Prime Earth Amazonian)!
Excalibur Lighthouse.
Normal equipment.
Victory by any means (k.o., death, submission).
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Marvel vs Marvel, 5 on 5; Powerhouse Competition. Tiebreaker!

I have tallied your votes! We have a tie!

You have 24 hours to vote!

Avengers Adversaries vs X-Men Adversaries!

Danger vs High Evolutionary!
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Quote of the Day /9 Dec

"Some you win,some you lose. And it's good to lose once in a while. It makes winning all the sweeter."

-Ben Parker
Benjamin Parker (Earth-616)
Benjamin Parker (Earth-616) Marvel Database
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Spiderman: Far from home trailer released but only for a few!

Description below:
Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Description - IGN
Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Description - IGN IGN
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Black Panther rocks Grammy Nominations!

8 nominations including "Best Album of the Year". Link of all nominations below!
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New record by Endgame trailer!

Breaks Infinity War trailer record....
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Too many muscles in comics ?

Does anyone else think all comic characters (particularly the superheros) are draw to perfect and muscular, this isn't as a much of a problem in low detailed art, but with med-high detail almost every character is built like a body builder with near perfect sexual features from what we're shown.

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Black Lightning vs Electro (Copies Battle)

This is going to be a DC and Marvel copied heros vs.
This is the first fight but I won't be doing deadpool vs deathstroke.

Place is new York city
No Morals
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Marvel studios

I love marvel
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Character of the day
James Murch (Earth-616)
James Murch (Earth-616) Marvel Database
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Valiant vs Marvel: X-O Manowar round 4

X-O Manowar vs marvel

X-O Manowar vs Darkhawk

Setting: Wayne tower
No prep
Fully equipped

Respect thread 1

Thread 2
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The Silver: Forward x Backward - Volume 6

The Silver: Forward x Backward - Volume 6

-Angelica Church-

I was having the strangest day.

Not because I was outside time and space - that was normal. Not because I burnt my tea - something that shouldn't be possible. And certainly not because the Abomination was not repulsive this time - the concept of a pretty Abomination was completely wrong, but Abominations are wrong by definition, so I let it slide.

The reason was that I was about to fight three Abominations. The Abominations were working together. And that had never happened.

The room I was currently in took the form of a velvet, luxury playroom. In addition to the toys, however, there were weapons scattered around, and metallic spikes all around the floor. The three Abominations were each relatively weak, but together, they were clearly very powerful. Each of them was a girl dressed in a bikini, but the bikini was made out of bones and flesh. Their facial features, however? Incredibly and enchantingly beautiful.

The brunette Abomination - the one I named Katherine - was clearly a user of spells and magic. She rested on a bed, while her other two sisters - who I called Catherine and Quatherine respectively - each took up arms around her.

It would've been nice to study this. Oh well. I suppose I'll just have to study their prophecies.

I stepped out of the doorframe, and immediately tossed my spear at Catherine. It hit her squarely in the jaw, and I warped into the throw, summoning several more tridents which I used to spear her in the abdomen and ribs. All three of the Katherines? Catherines? Quatherins? All three of Atherines screamed bloody murder.

"Bik stuppea flamma lumina rufus fornicatur pugnes contra eam!" Katherine screamed. A trio of red balls, made of scarlet ribbons appeared. The ribbons immediately went for me, trying to bind me. I let them, and as the ribbons began to strangle me, I rewound time.

Everything around me halted, and I pushed against the Atherine's self imposed laws of physics. Thankfully, they were much more lenient than other Abominations' laws, and I overcame them to come back to five seconds before Katherine cast her spell. I joined myself in the fray, and stabbed Katherine in the back with my spear. A jet of blood leaked from her back, and I dug my spear deeper into the cut, until it cut through her bone bikini.

"Egh," Katherine murmured, and her corpse suddenly evaporated into the scarlet ribbon orbs.

That left two Atherines. I took notice of my surroundings. The other me was fighting Quatherine, and Catherine was applying a liquid to her weapon. I bolted to get Catherine, but Quatherine tossed a dagger straight into my thigh as I was moving.

"One moment," the other Angelica whispered, and she rewound. She reappeared behind me with a multitude of Sylvan healing scrolls. I took them and rejuvenated myself, but as I did, Katherine was healed simultaneously.

"Of course," I realized, "If the the three Atherines can link to each other, they can link to me."

I tried another few times to resist, just in case. I managed to get Katherine again, and Catherine twice, but each time one of the Atherines hurt me badly enough I needed to heal, and start the whole process over. I was not going to survive this fight conventionally.

"Hold them off!" I yelled to the other me, and I broke open a portal in space-time, and jumped into Terminal.

Terminal was the space chronomancers used for large-scale time-travel. It was a space between space, and a time without a time. I ran through it-it took the appearance of a bland, gray airport-until I found what I wanted. A disturbance caused by a legendary artifact, clearly from another realm.

I popped through the gate into that time, and fell from the sky. As the ground came closer and closer, I whispered spellwords until I was daintily floating downwards.

I landed on the field. Where was the disturbance, and the artifact...?

"Hah!" a familiar voice cried. A belt of water hit me in the stomach, and tied itself around my body and transformed into steel. I began to rewind, but the laws of the universe tightened around me. Three people walked into view.

"No. No. No. It cannot be you," I pleaded, "Please, don't let it be them."

"It's us," one of them sang.

I opened my eyes, and faced the unholy trio of Dual, Flute, and Lexa Ray.

-Lexa Ray-

I held the Overflight in my hands, tapping into its powers completely.

"This what you wanted?" I asked, taunting her.

"Lexa, be nicer to the lady," Dual scolded. Behind me, Flute scoffed.

"Get out of my face," Angelica said, ever so calmly.

"No can do," Dual said, "Look, we need your help."

"And I need an artifact that can affect other realities. So, unless you're willing to give me your Overflight, I'm not intrested!" Angelica yelled.

Flute sighed. "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way," she said.

"I'll bite," the lady replied, venom in her voice.

I tried not to frown. From what I heard from Flute, this woman didn't deserve sympathy.

Then Flute cast her spell.

"Let's pray for her," Dual said. For the first time time, I agreed with his idea.

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Dc or Marvel who will win

Do you think iron man,captian america,hulk,thor,guardians etc.


Do you think batman,superman,wonder woman,aqua man. Etc.
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Who would win, Kraven vs Predator?

They begin 1 mile apart in the Jungle environment in the first Predator.  This includes the base (unpopulated), waterfall region, and of course, dense jungle. Kraven has 2 hours to lay traps and has full knowledge on the Predator. The Predator has entered the region on high alert, aware of potential hostiles. Kraven is Sergei. All of his bladed weapons and spears have been upgraded to vibranium.  He has no poisons, but still has his net and blow gun. The Predator has his cloaking device, wrist blades, and spear. Pretty much basic battle here, folks. Who is the ultimate Hunter? This is to the death.  Get your debate on!
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Death Sport PR: Round 1 Match 1

Since it is only 8 teams it will probably only be 3 matches per round.

Adam Warlock(616)


Coolplayer - Killer Crew:
Fing Fang Foom(616)
Blue Marvel(616)

Reality warp is cancelled.
Can't go back in time.
No Phoenix Force enhancement.
Healing factor only grants second life.
No prep
Location: Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters
You can not vote or persuade others to vote for your team.
Please do research instead of making a wild guess.
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Thor vs odin

Who do you think would win, odin or thor if they had a flight.
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Who would win and why (I added rules to be easier I'll add rules to make it easier No magic characters No infinity gauntlet Characters only from the main universe Black hand can't turn anything into a black lantern No antimoniter or Galactus Any other rules are in the post No army of aliens but a solo alien like super Skrull and Ronan (kree) are good But yes all characters included ( that are not magic related
Supreme_battles on Instagram: “Marvel Villains vs DC Villains  prep 4 years location Open battlefield bloodlust on morals off all feats no restrictions anything goes full…”
Supreme_battles on Instagram: “Marvel Villains vs DC Villains prep 4 years location Open battlefield bloodlust on morals off all feats no… Instagram
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