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X-Men Kingbreaker Vol 1 2 page 15 ZZZXX (Symbiote) (Earth-616)
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 The symbiote takes the name of its current host
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As Zzxz, the Symbiote grants its host an elongated jaw, teeth, and tongue which are really part of the alien costume
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Quote1 My Lord... it is a monstrosity. It feeds on people. It consumes their brains. Quote2
-- Oracle[1]  

Zzxz is a unique brain-eating member of the Symbiote species that was discovered several years ago by Shi'ar Emperor D'Ken but before D'Ken had a chance to study it he was killed by Vulcan. Zzxz was classified as one of the five most dangerous criminals the Shi'ar Empire had ever captured and was selected by Vulcan to serve in his new Imperial Guard and was given a male Shi'ar host to feed on. Zzxz briefly encountered Lilandra Neramani and became obsessed with making her his host. During a fight with the Starjammers, Zzxz took over the body of Raza Longknife.

The all Praetorians were captured on Kree-Lar by Nova Prime, and imprisoned on Nu-Xandar (Ego) for their war crimes against their Nova Corps prisoners. During this time, Richard had the remaining Nova Corps members, as well as the Worldmind supercomputer, look into ways to separate Zzxz from Raza without killing them.

When Ego take back control of himself, he was transferred on Zan Philo's Corps starship Resolute Duty.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Zzxz is unique among Symbiotes as he feeds on his host's brains rather than adrenaline. He further possesses powers common among his species such as the power to mimic any type of clothing, blending in his surroundings and enhancing his host's physical abilities to superhuman levels.


Zzxz also possesses the ability to adhere to most surfaces. Zzxz can animate any part of his costume and can fire a web-like substance from his hands.


Zzxz is extremely sensitive to sonic and thermal attacks.

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