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Yuri Watanabe (Earth-616) SS Vol 1 16
Information-silkReal NameYuri Watanabe
Information-silkCurrent AliasWraith
Information-silkAliasesCaptain Watanabe, Jean DeWolff[1]
Information-silkBase Of OperationsNew York City
Information-silkIdentitySecret Identity
Information-silkOccupationPolice Captain, Vigilante
Information-silkCreatorsDan Slott, John Romita Jr.
First Appearance
Amazing Spider-Man #600
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Quote1 The Wraith. Urban vigilante and secretly police Captain Yuri Watanable. One of Carlie's associates... who pretends at being a ghost. It's all parlor tricks, though. Stolen Mysterio tech and fear gas. Quote2
-- Peter Parker src 

A NYPD captain, supporter of Spider-Man who investigated a Gang War between the Maggia and Mister Negative, the appearance of the new Hobgoblin and other criminals.


As the Wraith

Some time later, using Mysterio's equipment and that of other villains, Yuri became the new Wraith, disguised as the ghost of Jean DeWolff (using a mask of the Chameleon), fighting criminals and intimidating them.

When her activities became notorious, her subaltern Carlie Cooper started to investigate and managed to discover Wraith's real identity. After helping Spider-Man and Anti-Venom to defeat Mister Negative and reveal him as the philanthropist Martin Li, Cooper convinced her to give up her career as the vigilante temporarily and also to work on covering her tracks better. Yuri then took a leave of absence from her police duties and left New York for awhile.

Later, Yuri began working with Carlie to uncover the the true identity of the Superior Spider-Man. Wraith accompanied Carlie into going to Grand Tauró where they chased Antoine Morant, a banker of notorious criminals, searching for information about the secret bank account of Superior Spider-Man. Carlie and the Wraith caught up with Morant, who was shredding some documents out of fear. Carlie caught the document, discovering that is actually all of the equipment and technology for the Arachnaughts and the order for his Spiderlings, all coming from the secret account of Otto Gunther Octavius, putting Carlie one step closer to the evidence she needs to unveil the secret of Superior Spider-Man. [2]

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