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Makkamakkamaktsptoo (father), Snowbird (ex-wife);
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Formerly Alpha Flight
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Yukotujakzurjimozoata was the heir apparant to the ancient, secret civilization who lived in the village of Kemteron. His father, Makkamakkamakkamaktsptoo, had occupied the throne of their people for several thousands of years, but was not much longer for this world, and predicted that the throne would fall to Yukotujakzurjimozoata.

When Walter Langkowski was drafting new members for an Alpha Flight team, he appoached Yukotujakzurjimozoata. He turned down the request, stating he cared nothing for the world outside of his village. Langkowski, however, was in a desperate situation, and desperate times called for desperate measures. Langkowski paid Makkamakkamaktsptoo a large sum of money to drug his own son, claiming he would benefit form some exposure to the outside world, and that it would help him to "grow up." Langkowski code-named Yukotujakzurjimozoata, "Yukon Jack."

With the rest of Langkowski's new Alpha Flight, Yukon Jack aimed to rescue the original members of the team from their imprisonment aboard an alien spaceship that belonged to the Plodex. This mission was successful, and the original members of Alpha Flight decided to transport the Plodex eggs they found aboard the spacecraft back to the Plodex home world. Yukon Jack stayed on as a member of Langkowski's new Alpha Flight.

After a series of blunders attempting to alter the past, a temporally displaced copy of the original Alpha Flight members was brought into the present. It is unknown what transpired after that, however a vague glimpse into the future revealed Jack and the temporal copy of Snowbird were married and ruling Kemteron together.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Yukon Jack can manipulate the bone pieces which normally rest over his body telekinetically. He can also emit light from his hands. In addition to these powers, Jack appears to be immune to temperature and exposure to the elements.

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


Jack is a very skilled hand to hand fighter.

Strength level

Yukon Jack has the normal strength of a man his size and age who is in peak physical condition.



Bone Knives and bone shards that he controls telekinetically.


  • Yukon Jack is the name of a popular and strong (100 proof) Canadian Whiskey.

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