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Abominable Snowmen
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The Yeti, or as they have become to be known, the Abominable Snowmen, are a fur-covered humanoid ape-like creature that inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal, India and Tibet. The name Yeti is commonly used by the people indigenous to the region.

There are three known varieties of Yeti that have been catalogued so far:

  • The Cold People were highly intelligent and had made advanced scientific developments. They were transformed into normal human beings.
  • A more primitive race of Yeti with human like intelligence met the Man-Thing but were destroyed.
  • An example of a third race of Yeti was encountered by Shang-Chi

The scientific community and the world regarded the Yeti as a legend, but due to interaction with various heroes their identity is publicly known.

Paul Harper, a man who traveled back in time and encountered Neanderthals, also theorized that the Abominable Snowman was a Neanderthal that was preserved in time by an avalanche and thawed out millions of years later. It's possible this could have happened, but they would be lone individuals separate from the other varieties of encountered yeti.

The Yeti may be considered a sort of parallel to the Bigfoot of North America.

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