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** unnamed members {{corpse}}
** unnamed members {{corpse}}
'''Other Characters:'''
'''Other Characters:'''
* {{1st|[[X-Men (Earth-616)|X-Men (Logan's team)]]}}{{a|[[X-Men (Earth-616)| ]]}}
** {{joins|[[James Howlett (Earth-616)|Wolverine (Logan)]]}}
** {{joins|[[Katherine Pryde (Earth-616)|Kitty Pryde]]}}
** {{joins|[[Robert Drake (Earth-616)|Iceman (Bobby Drake)]]}}
** {{joins|[[Ruth Aldine (Earth-616)|Blindfold (Ruth Aldine)]]}}
** {{joins|[[Hisako Ichiki (Earth-616)|Armor (Hisako Ichiki)]]}}
** {{joins|[[Sooraya Qadir (Earth-616)|Dust (Sooraya Qadir)]]}}
** {{joins|[[Santo Vaccarro (Earth-616)|Rockslide (Santo Vaccarro)]]}}
** {{joins|[[Victor Borkowski (Earth-616)|Anole (Victor Borkowski)]]}}
** {{joins|[[Idie Okonkwo (Earth-616)|Oya (Idie Okonkwo)]]}}
* {{a|[[Utopia (X-Men Base)]]}}
* {{a|[[Utopia (X-Men Base)]]}}

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Idie Okonkwo (Earth-616)
This is all my fault, isn't it? I'm the girl who broke up the X-Men.
Conversation Tail
James Howlett (Earth-616)
No, darlin'. Not at all. You helped lead us home.
Conversation Tail

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Solicit Synopsis:Edit

It all comes down to this! After years of fighting side-by-side the X-Men are torn irrevocably in half. On one side, X-Men team leader, Cyclops. On the other, X-Men mainstay, Wolverine. Between them lies the fate of mutantkind, and surrounding them, the foes who want to end them forever! Be there for the conclusion of the story that will set the stage for the X-Men universe for years to come, from Marvel Architect writer Jason Aaron and art legend Adam Kubert!



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