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blue/gray skin, red eyes and unusually muscular, all results of his mutation
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Wolverine was a mutant, born with his special powers and altered by the Dark Beast.
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Wolverine, real name unknown, was a mutant capable of "charging" other beings with unidentified energy. This energy caused the recipient to go into a berserk state. Wolverine was a product of the Dark Beast's genetic tinkering, and became a feared hunter and a ferocious killer.

Wolverine was present at the culling of Spokane, Washington. There, he was ordered by Holocaust to kill Quicksilver, the X-Man believed to be closest to Magneto. Holocaust had previously killed Magneto's daughter, the Scarlet Witch, and wanted Magneto to be burdened with the death of both his children.

Wolverine charged up a group of bandits the X-Men were fighting in order to test the X-Men. During the fight, Wolverine determined that it was Rogue who was closest to Magneto, not Quicksilver.

He attacked Magneto and Rogue when Gambit intervened. He laughed off Gambit's attack, not noticing a large kinetically charged rock Gambit had placed in his belt. The resulting explosion killed Wolverine.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Wolverine possessed heightened strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, durability, a healing factor, and enhanced senses.

Wolverine was capable of "charging" other beings with unknown energy. This energy transformed them into a berserk state. Wolverine possessed a mindlink with anyone he has charged. Eventually, the affected person would be consumed by the energy.

Strength level




Large blades on his bracelets.


  • This Wolverine has no known mainstream counterpart. The Logan/James Howlett Wolverine of the AoA was called Weapon X.

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