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William Downing [1]
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Biological child of Wolverine
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William Downing is the son of Wolverine and a Canadian woman Dolores Downing. Not much is known about the relationship apart that they had a child. William Downing was raised by his mother who died of old age. William Downing was recruited by a powerful organization called the Red Right Hand that has a personal vendetta against Wolverine. He took the name of Gunhawk a famous westen gunslinger and due to his experience and training was appointed the leader of the mercenary group dubbed the “Mongrels”. The team was created to eliminate, Wolverine's friends, family and ex-girlfriends.

Gunhawk worked with Shadow S., Fire Knives, Saw Fist and Cannon Foot who tracked down Wolverine's current girlfriend, Melita Garner. They found her working in the San Francisco Post building.

The team head into the building taking out the security on the way. When the find Melita and attack they are shocked to find her with a Skrull sonic disruptor, which she fires at the team. Melita gets away from the team Mongrels with the help of the mutant shape shifter Mystique’s. Gunhawk returns to report to the The Red Right Hand of their failure, but they decide to proceed to their next target in the nation of Madripoor.

Gunhawk and the team arrive in Madripoor and travel through the city to find the Princess Bar. They enter and massacre the bouncers and staff, but Tyger Tiger intervenes when Gunhawk tries to open a certain door. Gunhawk tells Tyger that “Logan is in hell” and burns down the room filled with mementos and possessions which Wolverine has accumulated over his long lifetime. Tyger asks why they are doing this but all Gunhawk can say is Wolverine has made his and the rest of the teams life a living hell.

When Gunhawk finally meets Logan the team battle but, Wolverine soon bests them in combat and kills them all individually. It was after the battle that Wolverine finds out the Gunhawk and the rest of the team are all his children, which devastates him. Wolverine then drags the body of his slain son to the grave of mother Dolores Downing and buries them both together.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit




Gunhawk is a trained mercenary with excellent martial arts and orther combat skills. Expert stratgist and team leader.

Strength level

Average human who engages in Intensive excercise



equipped with two pistols that have blades attached to them.

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