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William Connors
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Lizard (Curtis Connors) (father)
Martha (mother, deceased)
unnamed aunt
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Comic Book Showcase

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Billy was the son of Curtis Connors, the Lizard. Billy was saved by Spider-Man when his father first transformed into the Lizard[1].

Later, Billy was kidnapped by the Maggia with his mother to have his father decipher the Lifeline Tablet's secret code[2]. After being moved into the Galby Building, they both were rescued by Spider-Man[3]. He and his mother were brought to a safe place by Spider-Man, who vowed to find Lizard and change him back to human form[4].

Having heard of the Human Torch's inclusion in the battle, the anguished youth raced through the streets until he found Spider-Man carrying an unconscious Lizard. As soon as the reptilian creature broke free, he threatened the boy until Spider-Man dehydrated him and he became human again, reuniting with his child and his wife[5].

Billy was diagnosed with having cancer. He was later eaten by his father.



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