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Appearing in "What if Spider-Man had rejected the Spider? Poison Selves"Edit

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Synopsis for "What if Spider-Man had rejected the Spider? Poison Selves"Edit

After his death Peter Parker encounters a giant spider spirit guide that wishes to lead him back to his body. However, Parker refuses to go back and destroys the spirit guide leaving his still living body wrapped up in the silk cocoon. The Venom symbiote senses that a more suitable host is available and leaves Mac Gargan.

The symbiote wraps around the silk cocoon and after several months manages to possess the body of Spider-Man. The symbiote then goes to Mary Jane looking for a mate. Mary Jane refuses to be the symbiote's mate and insists that it go away. The symbiote leaves but still does not give up on finding a mate. It goes to Gwen Stacy's grave and jams a claw in. A red form is seen rising from the grave.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • In “The Other,” Peter Parker returned from the dead and embraced his “inner spider.” But WHAT IF the detente that was reached between man and arachnid had not ended there? What if the man known as Peter Parker had been completely consumed by his inner, bestial impulses, and became more spider than man?


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