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Information-silk Official Team Name
Weapon X
Information-silk Team Aliases
Weapon Chi, Chi Protocol
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Information-silk Base of Operations
Mobile, formerly the Neverland Camp and Weapon X Facility
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Part of the larger Weapon Plus Project, Weapon X focuses on using and eliminating mutants. Weapon X's trademark involve the use of mutant test subjects, memory implants and sometimes endowing healing factor and/or retarded aging to its agents.


The Weapon Project or Weapon Plus is actually many separate attempts by governments to control and/or produce superhuman agents and soldiers. The creation of a number of heroes and villains have been alluded to being parts of the program. It is also alleged that Sublime provides these governments with the technology to do so, often goading them to try and match or outdo what the other governments are doing.

The most well-known is the tenth or "X" Project, which specializes in mutants. The first successful experiment was the bonding of Adamantium to Wolverine conducted by the Canadian government. Sabretooth, Maverick, Wildcat, Kestrel, Mastodon and Silver Fox were other agents used. They were controlled by Psi-Borg, who helped after the project offered to slow his age. A robotic agent called SHIVA acted as a defense if any agent went rogue. It was later revealed that the Native had been formed during this time, as well as attempts to clone Wolverine which led to X-23's creation. There were several unnamed failed agents.

The team was restarted by Department K and focused on using solo agents. Known agents were Deadpool, Garrison Kane, Slayback, Sluggo, Wildside, Wyre, Copycat and Ajax. Several more failures occurred and were dissected to determine what caused their failure.

A small experiment in New Zealand was used to create a third 'Weapon X' designate using a bacteria colony. Diamond Lil was experimented on using the same bacteria by Department K until Alpha Flight was able to rescue her.

The third and most recent group is an offshoot from the normal 'Weapon Plus' projects and based in the U.S. Director Malcorm Concord has the stated goal of eliminating all mutants. Sublime is somewhat more moderate, hoping to harvest them to outfit his U-Men. Due to its rogue nature and the use of concentration camps (called Neverland) to hold mutants, the team's existence is a largely kept secret.

Mutants are secretly captured by the Project. If deemed unsuitable, they are executed. If deemed suitable as a possible agent or Weapon, they are offered the chance to join or die. Often those who agree are brainwashed to ensure they will stay loyal to the team.

Colcord was a security guard in the original X project, one of the few that survived Wolverine's escape despite severe facial wounds. He instructed Madison Jeffries to build new versions of Box that serve as the camp guards and work on the new generation of Sentinels (which several other projects have focused on). Maverick became Agent Zero and has been sent to capture several others, including his old 'friend' Sabretooth. Agent Brent Jackson, Wildchild, Marrow, Sauron, Aurora, Mesmero, Washout, Copycat, Deadpool, Reaper, and Wildside became members.

Mister Sinister secretly infiltrated the camp posing as scientist Dr. Windsor, seeing it as a prime opportunity to continue his experiments. The projects continued to expanded multinationally after Sabretooth began selling secrets as a way to get back at the program. He also tried to escape numerous times, killing Copycat along the way.

Both Colcord and Sabretooth have attempted to use the program to single out Wolverine for revenge. Colcord was later brainwashed into thinking Wolverine is actually his friend. He also began an abusive relationship with Aurora, who eventually fled.

Jackson pulled a coup while the program was attacked by a mutant 'underground' that had learned of its existence. Mesmero seemed to lose his powers and was detained. Kane and Washout were killed, Sabretooth managed to escape. Marrow joined the underground group, turning them into the new Gene Nation. Agent Zero was sent to deal with the new Gene Nation, killing all save for Marrow. A number of the group were still loyal to Colcord, but followed Jackson's orders.

Chamber was sent undercover to the Project by the X-Men, using his disfigurement as the reason he would join them. Both he and Zero covertly maintained contact with Wolverine about the project. At some point, the Neverland camp was abandoned. 'ROANOKE' was the only clue when the X-Men arrived at the site. It is unknown what happened to the prisoners, but it has been hinted they were killed as part of the events in a horrific possible future. Beast leaned later they were indeed all terminated on closure day, when he visited the camp, searching genetic samples to help him reverse the M-Day's effets. Sauron was captured twice, but seems to have been freed from SHIELD custody by Colcord.

The team is in factions led by Jackson and Colcord. Sublime is also continuing to build his U-Men.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Each teammates' arsenal


  • Weapon # is normally used to denote specific known agents. Weapon X is unique in that it has had entire teams, not to mention multiple agents (Wolverine, Garrison Kane, and the bacteria colony) with the name.
  • the miniseries Weapon X: Days of Future Now takes place in an possible future, but will address events that occurred since the main Weapon X series ended.
  • Hints of the various projects and members occurred in Grant Morrison's New X-Men and the Weapon X series.


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